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There isn’t a limit to the variety or scale of electrical emergencies. If you have an electrical emergency, contact Twin Electrics and Plumbing to have a qualified emergency electrician from the eastern suburbs on-site ASAP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll solve your electrical issues and make your home a safe haven once again

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Electrical emergencies often happen when you’re not expecting it. When you have an electrical emergency, you need someone close by to be on the scene ASAP. Having an emergency electrician in the eastern suburbs near you means you can have a qualified technician on site quickly to deal with any hazard or issue. Twin Electrics and Plumbing have emergency electricians available 24/7 to help resolve your electrical emergency.

Emergency electricians in the eastern suburbs - Electrical fires

Kinds of Electrical Emergencies:

Many electrical emergencies can put you in danger. These include:

Fallen Powerlines 

Storms and other wild weather are common causes of fallen powerlines. Fallen powerlines are extremely dangerous.

Power Outages

External issues such as storms, transformer failures and misuse by other users are common causes of power outages. If an outage occurs otherwise, it could be due to faulty and frayed wires within your electrical system.

Electrical Fires

Overloaded outlets can cause electrical fires. If you notice brown staining or burning around your outlets, it could be a sign of a serious problem and can lead to electrical fires in your home. Other causes of electrical fires could be keeping flammable materials near electrical light sources such as lightbulbs. 

Other electrical emergencies can occur due to misuse of or faulty electrical appliances, faulty wiring, water damage, overloaded outlets, faulty circuit breakers and more. Electrical emergencies in or around your home should be dealt with by a local emergency electrician.


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What to do in an electrical emergency

Electrical issues are dangerous. If anyone is in immediate danger, call 000 immediately.

If you encounter an electrical emergency, there are steps you can take to keep yourself safe, while also resolving the issue at hand.

You should have a list of emergency contact numbers in your home. These numbers can include your local power provider, your trusted local electrician, as well as emergency services. Having these numbers handy means you can act on an issue as soon as it happens with no delay. 

You need to keep calm. Being calm will enable you to help those in danger, as well as answer any critical questions quickly and accurately.

You must keep a safe distance from all electrical hazards. Electricity is highly volatile and can kill. Only trained professionals must deal with electrical hazards.

  • If the hazard is fallen or damaged powerlines, stay at least 10 metres away.
  • If the hazard is in your home, move away from the hazard, such as in another room. Ensure other family members, such as children and pets, are kept away from the hazard.

Once you’ve established nobody is in danger, and you’re a safe distance from the hazard, contact an electrical professional. For infrastructure issues, such as fallen powerlines, contact the electrical power supply company, as well as the local police. For household electrical issues, contact a trusted local electrical contractor. Never do your own electrical work. 

Electrician Eastern Suburbs

Minimise the risks, get yourself an emergency electrician in eastern suburbs

You can minimise the risk of electrical hazards in your home. To reduce electrical risks, make sure you have regular maintenance on your appliances and household infrastructure. Ensure that you keep electrical installations clean and dry and that you keep track of your electricity consumption. Should you notice unexpected spikes in your usage, contact your electricity provider and local electrician to have them investigate. They will ensure your local infrastructure and home appliances are all working as usual. 

The number one priority in an electrical emergency is keeping yourself and your family safe, and eliminating the hazard to make your home safe again.

There isn’t a limit to the variety or scale of electrical emergencies. If you have an electrical emergency, contact Twin Electrics and Plumbing to have a qualified emergency electrician from the eastern suburbs on-site ASAP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They’ll solve your electrical issues and make your home a safe haven once again.

Energy Safe Victoria
National Electrical and Communications Association

In support of the development of the industry, and the advancement of professional standards, Twin Electrics & Plumbing is an active member of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), Master Plumbers Association and Energy Safe Victoria

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