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The only dedicated team of expert commercial plumbers in Melbourne

From emergency plumbing to major fit-outs for large-scale operations, we’re the only team that ticks every box. With a dedicated in-house team and technicians among the most experienced plumbers in Victoria, there’s nothing we can’t fix, install or maintain.

Effective Installations

Our number one priority is keeping you in business. With a team that works around the clock, you can enjoy the flexibility of scheduling major work any time of day. And when it comes to emergency plumbing in Melbourne, we’re already number one.

In-House Team

Access the expertise of more than 40 specialists recruited and trained by our senior technicians. No franchises, outsourcing or inexperienced ring-ins. Just one team of specialists, including industry leaders can handle the most ambitious projects.

After four decades of service to every suburb of Melbourne, if you’ve got a plumbing problem, you can bet Twin Electrics & Plumbing has the right solution because we’re the best among all commercial plumbing companies Melbourne-wide.

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Reliable service in one click

Plumbing emergencies: zero downtime to keep your business rolling

We didn’t become Melbourne’s number-one plumbing team without learning the importance of efficiency. Our business never stops running, so we know how to ensure yours stays on track. When your staff leaves for the day, our expert commercial team arrives to provide a solution that won’t interrupt your day-to-day operations.

Our commercial plumbers get it right the first time!

End the cycle of constant costly repairs by getting the job done properly

Don’t let poor plumbing create a money pit that eats into your profits. You’ll eventually have to hire real commercial plumbers, but will that happen after failed installations and subsequent damage? It’s not worth the hassle or money. Get the job done right so you can get on with your job. If you’re unsatisfied with our team’s work, we’ll keep working until you are. Aside from bespoke installation, Twin Electrics & Plumbing will also offer commercial plumbing maintenance to ensure your plumbing is always up and running. Contact us today for a regular maintenance visit.

Plumbing Installations?


Premium Service Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Premium Prices

Clever Commercial Plumbing Solutions That Can Cut Costs

Our clients are often surprised by our quotes for high-quality commercial plumbing. That’s because expertise and experience are the keys to creating clever solutions that dramatically cut costs. Unlike many local plumbers in it for a quick buck, we don’t charge what we think you can afford. We call it how we see it. Forty years of experience in the industry has taught us that honesty is the foundation of long-term partnerships.

Melbourne’s Complete Commercial Plumbing Solution

We offer many commercial plumbing services that may not be listed above. If you require additional information, give us a call. We are ready to solve any questions!

Melbourne’s Most Successful Team Always Uses Cutting-Edge Tech

There’s nothing worse than seeing a poorly equipped plumber poking around pipes with out-of-date equipment. Our team is equipped to handle the largest projects, often saving time and money by leveraging industrial-grade equipment that few plumbers in Victoria can expertly operate.

Complete Transparency, From The First Consultation To Final Sign-Off

Our hundreds of long-term clients love our transparency. We’ll analyse problems and calculate estimates right in front of you. If you need a layman’s explanation or precise details, we’ll provide as much info as you need. Most importantly, you’ll always be consulted and informed every step of the way. No surprises or hidden costs.

We Guarantee Products And Labour Up To Three Years

You and your commercial plumbing consultant will agree on the scope and costs. To us, that’s set in stone. If we don’t deliver on price or quality? Well, it never happens! But if it ever does, we’re committed to delivering an outcome that exceeds your expectations. Our products carry a range of guarantees, some as long as three years.

Why Our Commercial Plumbing Team Is Number One in Melbourne


Servicing every suburb in Melbourne (40 vans on the road)


Industry leader in standards, certification
and specialised training


Parts and labour guaranteed for up to three years


Efficient project management and stakeholder management

Inhouse Team

100% dedicated commercial plumbing services team – no outsourcing


The most advanced plumbing system designs and technology

Our Process Is Easy: Commercial Plumbing Solutions In 4 Easy Steps

Call – we’re available seven days a week.
We’ll send our senior commercial plumbers to your location within 24 hours.
Get a free quote, including some great ideas for adding value or saving money.
Approve the scope, and our team will start work within 48 hours.

Need a Commercial Plumber?
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We’ll come to the rescue with experienced electricians and plumbers who meet the highest technical and service standards.

Contact us now and we’ll respond in minutes. Whether the problem is large or small, simply provide your contact details and a description of the issue. Our friendly customer service team is standing by to offer advice, support and quick quotes.