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Gas Fittings

Our gas plumbers are skilled in installing, repairing, and maintaining all gas fittings, including gas meters, pipes, valves, and regulators. We understand that gas fittings need to be installed and maintained correctly to ensure the safety of your home or business

We take the time to carefully inspect and test all gas fittings before and after installation to ensure they are operating safely and efficiently.

What are gas fitters?

A gasfitter is an individual who is licenced only to perform gas works. This includes gas installations of heaters, BBQs, cooktops, ovens, hot water systems, etc., and gas maintenance and repairs. They are also licenced to locate gas leaks.

Where to Find Gas Leak Detection and Repair Services?

Gas leaks can be hazardous and lead to explosions or fires if not detected and repaired quickly. Our gas plumbers are trained to detect gas leaks using specialised equipment and can fix them promptly to prevent further damage or risk to your property

We also offer gas leak detection services to help you identify and prevent potential gas leaks before they occur, giving you peace of mind and ensuring the safety of your home or business.

Trusted Gas Appliance Installation and Repair

Our gas fitters are experts in installing and repairing all gas appliances, including stoves, water heaters, and dryers. We understand that gas appliances need to be installed and maintained correctly to ensure they operate safely and efficiently, so we take the time to carefully inspect and test all gas appliances before and after installation to ensure they operate safely.

Schedule Expert Gas Installations in Melbourne

If you want to upgrade or install a new gas appliance, our gas plumbers can help. We offer various gas installation services, including gas appliance installations, gas line installations, and gas meter installations. Our gas fitters will work with you to determine the best gas installation solution for your needs, considering gas supply, usage, and efficiency factors.

Do You Need Regular Gas Safety Checks?

Regular gas safety checks are essential for ensuring the safety of your home or business. Our gas plumbers can perform comprehensive gas safety checks to identify potential hazards and ensure your gas appliances and fittings operate safely and efficiently.

We also provide gas safety certificates for landlords and property managers, giving you peace of mind and ensuring you comply with all relevant gas safety regulations.

We Are Here for All Gas Emergencies

Gas emergencies can occur at any time, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency gas plumbing services. Our gas fitters are available around the clock to respond to any gas emergencies, including gas leaks, gas appliance breakdowns, and gas line damage.

We understand the urgency of gas emergencies and will work quickly and efficiently to resolve the issue and ensure your safety.

Need an Emergency Master Plumber in Melbourne?

Three reasons why Twin Electrics & Plumbing is Melbourne’s first choice.

 Twin Electrics & Plumbing is widely regarded as the number one emergency plumbing service in Melbourne. We’ve earned our reputation by consistently delivering results. Our emergency services are set up to be as efficient as possible.

We’re easy to contact, provide quick quotes, and guarantee same-day service.


We've been providing emergency gas fixes for 40+ years. So we know how stressful a true emergency can be. A sudden gas problem can considerably impact your home or business and can be worrying, dangerous and costly.


Our family business has solved every imaginable problem for Melbourne residents and businesses. We’ve built an amazing team of skilled technicians who can handle any issue. We won’t let you down.


We understand that you need to fix your issue now. Get started by providing your contact details and a quick explanation of your emergency. We'll get back to you with a quote in minutes. Then we'll ensure one of our 30 vans is heading to your location. To fix your issue today.


If your problem is at home, we’ll get your life back to normal quickly. If you have an emergency at work, we’ll make sure you get back to full productivity today. From quotes to the final cost-efficient solution, we’ll make sure your emergency is solved properly and promptly.


When we send a technician to your home or business, they represent a brand Melbourne trust. We only hire and train the best local plumbers. Our technicians are fully licensed and insured and have been working with children's accreditation and full police check. Whether your needs are residential, industrial or commercial, we're here to help. Call us to make an appointment at (03) 9070 5309, chat with us online or complete our brief contact form.


We are members of the peak industry body National Electrical & Communications Association and keep up to date with the latest regulations. We stand by our team and are proud of every technician who represents Twin Electrics and Plumbing.