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Office and home improvement ideas

Office and home
improvement ideas

With 40 years of experience and a team of Victoria’s top specialists in plumbing, electrics, heating, air conditioning and solar power, our 30-strong team has established itself as a group of industry thought leaders.

Now, in a series of in-depth guides, Twin Electrics & Plumbing’s experts share their practical office and home improvement ideas to help you save cash, go green and stay safe. 

How to reduce your home water consumption: a step-by-step guide 
Efficient Lighting: 8 Tips to save money while helping the environment!
Don’t put up with weak water pressure. Find out how to identify and solve common issues by reading our water pressure guide.
The electrolysed water system - the green way to clean? 
With Australia’s leading brands using cleaning products produced with electrolysed water systems, we explain how families and businesses can clean green. 
Reactive Vs Preventive Maintenance - The Property Manager’s Guide
Being a good property manager means understanding how to prioritise a neverending list of tasks, limit emergencies, reduce complaints and encourage repeat business.
Autumn is Coming: General Housekeeping Tasks You Should Remember to Perform
Solar Panel Maintenance is Important - Get the most of your system.
Discover how you can make the most of the natural sun with a solar panel system, and the importance of solar panel maintenance!