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Emergency Electrician Melbourne

Are you experiencing any of the following?

Power Outage

Switchboard Problems

Electrical Fire Hazards

Sparks or Smoke

Blown Fuses

Hot Water System

Flood and Storm Damage


Don’t let these electrical issues ruin your day. Ensure your family or business is safe. Our expert electricians can be at your door within an hour to provide the best emergency electrical service in Melbourne.

“How do I find an emergency electrician near me?!” It’s a question Melbournians ask every day!

If you’re in the middle of a crisis, you can rely on Twin Electrics and Plumbing. With 30 qualified technicians servicing Melbourne, we’ll get to your emergency fast. When it comes to emergency electricians, Twin Electrics and Plumbing can’t be beaten for service, quality and value. 

Never take any risks when it comes to electrical safety, even for minor problems. Let the professionals restore power to your home, repair your system and ensure dangerous electrical issues are a thing of the past. 

Call us for any emergency electrical services

Power Outage / Failure
If the source of your power failure is within the home, don’t take any risks. Get a professional technician to identify and fix your electrical fault.
Switchboard Problems
When a switch is tripped, it’s usually a symptom of a serious problem with one of your appliances or a dangerously overloaded fuse.
Electrical Fire Hazards
Are your power boards or sockets showing signs of burning? Overloaded outlets are serious fire hazards that must be addressed urgently.
Sparks or Smoke
If you see sparks or smoke, you need to act immediately. Your home is in danger of fire right now, and the occupants are at risk of electrocution.
Blown Fuses
When an overloaded circuit causes a blown fuse, it can affect power points in your home, jeopardising the safety of your family.
Hot Water System
It may not be a life-threatening electrical fault, but when your hot water system breaks down on a chilly morning, it feels like a major emergency!
Flood and Storm Damage
Water and electricity is a potentially fatal combination. Don’t risk your life by attempting DIY repairs. We train our technicians to expertly handle electrical emergencies during floods and storms.
Electrical Threats
Even the best electrical system can be damaged during electrical spikes or extreme weather. Our experienced technicians ensure your electrical system is safe, balanced and fully operational.

Our process is really simple

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Call us at (03) 9808 7555 or enquire online via our contact forms or live chat. You will get a response in minutes
Book an appointment
When we claim to be a seven days a week service, we mean it. There are no exceptions. We’ll get our hot water plumbers to your location fast. Name a convenient time for you, and we’ll be there on time and ready to provide a solution.
Get the job done
Our 30 qualified technicians are fully insured, experienced and highly skilled. With such a large fleet of vans on the road, we can ensure your technician is the right person for the hot water installations.
Get your invoice
Payment is easy. We’ll email your invoice and provide a wide range of payment methods.

Why Twin?

With more than 40 years of experience and 30 vans on the road, we’re the champion team Melbourne turns to when electrical and plumbing emergencies disrupt lives or damage businesses. We’ll solve your problem today!


Since 1978, Twin Electrics and Plumbing has built a reputation as Melbourne’s top choice for emergency repairs, installations and maintenance. There isn’t any electrical or plumbing emergency we haven’t seen. If you can break it, we can fix it.


Our family business has solved every imaginable problem for Melbourne residents and businesses. We’ve built an amazing team of skilled technicians who can handle any issue. We won’t let you down.


We’ve made emergency repairs our priority and created the most efficient processes possible. We understand every minute counts. That’s why you’ll receive a response to your call within minutes and get a solution to your issue within hours. 


If your problem is at home, we’ll get your life back to normal quickly. If you have an emergency at work, we’ll make sure you get back to full productivity today. From quotes to the final cost-efficient solution, we’ll make sure your emergency is solved properly and promptly.


Every minute of every day, we’re dedicated to maintaining the reputation we’ve built over the past four decades. That means hiring and training the best staff, exceeding all industry standards, and ensuring our valued technicians are always polite, trustworthy and professional. 


We are members of the peak industry body National Electrical & Communications Association and keep up to date with the latest regulations. We stand by our team and are proud of every technician who represents Twin Electrics and Plumbing.

Choosing the best emergency electrician in Melbourne

Why Twin Electrics & Plumbing is better

We will deliver the best emergency electrician, cutting-edge equipment and proven techniques. You will always receive prompt responses, on-time arrivals and high reliability.

Our same-day services can save your day – or night!

Twin Electrics and Plumbing understands the needs of our customers. When it comes to urgent electrical emergencies, we provide a fast and reliable electrician within 2 hours. 

From tripping a switchboard to power outage issues, you can rely on us to get there fast and provide a solution you can rely on.

Certified electrical contractors in Melbourne

When your business needs a reliable commercial electrician, you can’t take any risks. You need an experienced team with the scale, qualifications and equipment to get the job done right.

Commercial building jobs require skills beyond the capabilities of a typical sole-operator electrician. Choosing a poorly equipped electrician with a lack of experience could lead to long delays that impact your productivity and increase costs. We understand how expensive disruptions can be. That’s why our highly skilled commercial electricians are in demand across Melbourne. 

When you choose Twin Electrics and Plumbing as your electrical contractor, you’re choosing over 30 years of experience on commercial projects. You’re choosing advanced techniques, modern equipment and some of the most skilled specialists in the country.

We are members of the peak industry body National Electrical & Communications Association and keep up to date with the latest regulations. 

We’ll ensure the entire project remains safe, efficient, compliant and cost-effective. 

Being fully licensed and insured means:

  • Twin Electrics & Plumbing licensed plumbers prioritise safety, quality work and reliability.
  • We always keep our appointments and will call you when we arrive.
  • We can immediately commence work on your home or business upon your approval.
  • Our technicians are trained to be courteous, respectful and diligent.
    Our team is fully licensed and insured.
  • We offer easy payment methods. 

Twin Electrics and Plumbing was founded 40 years ago, and its initial mission still stands strong: to provide Melbourne’s most reliable emergency electrical services. Each emergency electrician has serviced countless commercial and domestic clients. Call us now to join the thousands of satisfied customers who rely on Twin Electrics and Plumbing. 


We know how you feel. After attending emergencies for more than 40 years, we understand how worried and anxious you are right now.

But help can soon be on the way. If you’re looking for an emergency electrician in Melbourne, few companies can match Twin Electrics and Plumbing’s fleet for speed, service and reliability. 

We’re local, and we’re near you. 

In practice, it means we can be on the scene and fixing your electrical problems within two hours.

Over 2,000 happy customers can’t be wrong. We have a reputation for delivering on our promises. We arrive on time, all the time. 

Give us a ring, and we’ll dispatch a local, qualified, and professional electrician for installations, maintenance, and emergency services, no matter your location.


Our experience and reputation as industry leaders guarantee the highest levels of service to our clients.

  • Twin Electrics and Plumbing’s licensed electricians prioritise safety, quality of work and reliability above all else.
    We always keep our appointments and will call you when we are on our way.
  • Upon your approval, we commence work immediately.
  • We train our technicians to be courteous, respectful and diligent.
  • Our team is fully licensed and insured. 

We offer easy payment methods.

Need a qualified
technician today?

We will come to the rescue with experienced electricians and plumbers who meet the highest technical and service standards.

Contact us now and we’ll respond in minutes. Whether the problem is large or small, simply provide your contact details and a description of the issue.

Our friendly customer service team is standing by to offer advice, support and quick quotes.