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Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

12 Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

Australia’s extreme weather makes us rely on air conditioning systems to keep us comfortable. AC is the one appliance every household can’t live without during unbearably hot temperatures on summer days to freezing winters. When your air conditioning isn’t working correctly during a heatwave, you’d be frustrated. Fortunately, your AC will generally give some warning signs before it completely breaks down. We have compiled 12 common sinister signs that you need  a new air conditioner or perhaps an urgent repair. This will help you to be prepared and know what to look out for. Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

1. Moisture Is Accumulating, or the Unit Is Leaking

A slight amount of moisture from condensation occurs naturally only when the air is heated and cooled. However, if you find a large amount of water on or around the air conditioner, or worse, if there is a leak, it indicates that you should call an air conditioner specialist. This extra moisture may result from a mechanical malfunction or may be related to the refrigerant. Anyway, these two issues need to be addressed quickly. Dripping unwanted water into your home can cause flood damage and can be very expensive to repair. On the other hand, exposed refrigerants are associated with a wide range of health hazards. In this case, it may be possible to repair the existing air conditioning system, but system replacement can often be cheaper.

2. Strange Smells 

There are a lot of strange odours emitted by the air conditioner when something goes wrong. You can learn a lot from an AC unit based on the smell. The musty odour can indicate mould in the system or indicate critters that found the unfortunate end in the duct. All odours indicate a problem with the air conditioner, but some smells can also be dangerous to your and your family’s health. It would be great to remove the stink with a thorough cleaning and simple repairs, but it may be time to replace the unit altogether. Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

3. Poor or nill airflow

Did you notice a drastic change in the airflow of the system? Within minutes of turning on the air conditioner, you will feel warm or cold air coming out of the unit. If not, the airflow in the vent may be restricted, or the fan may be defective. These problems don’t vanish on their own and can easily be avoided with regular maintenance. An air conditioning specialist can identify the problem and repair or install the replacement unit before a major issue arises.

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4. No Cool or Warm Air comes from the Air Conditioning Unit

If you switch your air conditioner on however your property nevertheless feels stifling warm or freezing cold, that’s a clear signal it’s time to update your air conditioner. There’s a protracted listing of motives why your air conditioner isn’t developing the cool or heat air you’re after, and you may want a certified professional to evaluate the scenario and behaviour upkeep or replacements. Inconsistent Temperature in Airconditioner

5. The Temperature is Inconsistent

The whole idea of getting an air conditioner is to provide a consistent airflow to control the room’s temperature according to the desired setting. Minor fluctuations are expected as the system regulates the temperature, but significant deviations are not typical.  Air conditioners that blow hot air in cooling mode can have serious problems such as compressor breakage. Mismatched temperatures can also be caused by failures in filters, condenser coils, condensate drains, or other internal components. Major failures that prevent air conditioners from producing constant temperatures or reducing cooling capacity are often too expensive to repair. In this case, we recommend getting a new air conditioning unit.

Experiencing any of the 12 Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner? Let us help you to solve the issue!


6. Your Air Conditioning is making strange noises

There is no completely quiet air conditioner. Over time, you will learn the typical sounds that your particular air conditioner makes. If your air-con suddenly makes a strange noise, call an expert to inspect it ASAP. It may be a simple issue that can aggravate if unattended. Squeaking, squealing, rattling, and clicking sounds are all bad signs of a problem with your air conditioner. Repair or replacement is appropriate, depending on the issue that causes the noise.

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7. It Takes too long to start

The air conditioner alternates between on and off to maintain the desired temperature. If you have problems starting the air conditioner, or if it switches on and off randomly in a short cycle, it may indicate an issue. Switching on and off frequently puts stress on the air conditioner and shortens its life. If you’re lucky, it’s just a blown fuse. If not, you will probably be on the hunt for a new air conditioner. Excesive Dust accummulation

8. Excessive Dust Accumulation

A well-maintained air conditioner does more than just heat and cool. They also clean the air in your home with their air filters so you can breathe clean air. If you have more dust in your house than usual, clean the system’s filter if these are dusty. If the problem persists, it may be time to start thinking about a new air conditioner.

9. Not enough humidity removed by the air conditioning

One of the roles of air conditioners is to lower the humidity in the house. Even in low-humidity climates, the air retains a small amount of moisture. If you start to feel moisture inside your home while the air conditioner is running, the unit may need to be serviced.

Experiencing any of the 12 Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner? Let us help you to solve the issue!


10. Your Air Conditioning is Inefficient or Old

Age affects all of us, including our air conditioners. If you’re worried about your home’s energy cost or energy efficiency, it may be a reason to upgrade your current system to something new in itself. Newer models can save you more in the long run than older air conditioners. They are inherently more energy efficient with new technology. Just compare the power consumption ratings of your old and new devices. Also, you may be upgrading other electrical appliances or integrating a solar panel system in your home. You may want to get a unit that works in synergy with the rest of the appliances.

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Inefficient Air Conditioning | Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

11. The aircon frequently needs repairs

Like any other appliance, air conditioning units will show signs of use and tear over the years. An old air conditioner that needs frequent repairs may be close to the end of its life expectancy. Perhaps getting a new unit is cheaper than regular technicians visits. This is especially true after the warranty expires and you cover the total fees. You’ll also get to enjoy all the great features new AC systems come with, such as their smart capabilities and greater energy efficiency.

12. Energy Bills Skyrocketing

Although there are many causes for energy bills fluctuations, a malfunctioning air conditioning system will definitely increase your monthly electricity expenses.  Over time, you come to learn the energy costs despite seasonal fluctuations. Unless your energy provider has significantly increased their charges, spikes in monthly fees indicate an electrical problem at home.  If you are experiencing any of the issues mentioned on this list and your electricity bill has increased dramatically, it is very likely to be connected.  There you have it! If you can at least consider each item on our 12 warning signs you need a new air conditioner, you’ll be armed with enough knowledge to take action before it is too late. The best time to make a positive change is when devices reach the end of their lifespan. Simply upgrade rather than replace. You may even find it’s cheaper to buy a superior product.  As always, get your installation done by reliable professionals. There’s nothing worse (and more expensive) than poor installation and maintenance. Twin Electrics & Plumbing has a dedicated in-house team of the best electricians in Melbourne. Get it done fast and get it done right the first time! We can usually get a technician to your home in an hour, so give us a call. We won’t let you down.  Remember to check our blogs for Going Green and Buy Smart guides. We publish regularly and always have the latest information on new products and cost-saving initiatives. 

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