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Solar panel repair and maintenance

Solar System Service: do it before Summer!

Regular solar panel repair and maintenance is critical in ensuring that your solar panel system is operating efficiently and safely. Twin Electrics & Plumbing can maintain your solar panel system for you, so you can have peace of mind when it comes to your energy needs.

Maintenance Prevents Safety Issues

Solar panel repair
Just because the power is off, does not mean solar panels do not pose an electrocution risk

As with any appliance or installation, time and the elements can cause damage or detonation to your solar panel system. Debris can build up, moisture can seep in, animals can tamper with, and weather conditions can all contribute to the wearing of your system over time.

Deteriorated solar panel systems can endanger you and electrical workers, both within your premises and working on your local network. In addition, to wear and tear over time, dodgy installation can make your solar panel system a safety hazard.

If your system has been installed by a sub-par contractor, finding a reputable provider to conduct solar panel system repairs is critical to making your property safe again. Regular solar panel repair and maintenance can avoid nasty situations altogether and ensure the system is operating correctly and safe to use.

Maintenance Improves Efficiency

Solar panel repair

Just like any piece of machinery or equipment, solar panel systems need regular maintenance to ensure peak performance. High-quality core components can last several decades, but smaller parts may need changing out through the systems lifetime.

Routine solar system servicing ensures these components get changed out when necessary. Peak efficiency saves you money, helps reduce reliance on the electricity grid and minimises your properties impact on the environment

Environmental Factors

Solar energy helps reduce air pollution caused by fossil fuels

Solar panel systems lessen your properties impact on the environment by giving you access to clean, renewable energy. Solar energy helps reduce air pollution caused by fossil fuels. It conserves water consumption used by hydropower and helps protect aquatic ecosystems. Solar energy is free from the sun and helps fight climate change. By having a solar panel installation, you help positively contribute to a healthier Earth.

Regular Servicing Saves Money

Solar panel repairs save money on a long term

Say goodbye to electricity bill blow-outs! The better your solar panel system runs, the less energy you pull from the local grid. Reduced reliance on the local network means smaller electricity bills! Spending a small amount on solar panel system repairs and maintenance ensures your system is saving you money in the long term.

Plus with the Solar Panel Rebate program having a solar panel installation is cheaper than you think. Rebates of up to $1850 are available for both homeowners and rental properties. The Solar Panel Rebate program makes your installation affordable in the short-term, and a wise investment in the long-term.

Return on Investment

Having a solar panel system can be a significant investment. That’s why it is so vital to service your system regularly. Maintaining your system before summer can ensure performance is at its peak at the most critical time of the year. Solar energy can offset extra costs piling on to your bills, such as cooling over the long hot days. Peak performance over summer guarantees your getting the maximum return on your investment.

To estimate your potential benefits, review your bills and find out where solar energy can help you save! Whether it’s cooling your home or keeping the refrigerator chugging along in the heat, solar energy can offset the extra usage and save your electricity bills from skyrocketing.

By booking a repair and maintenance check on your solar panel installation, you’re safeguarding your investment. Frequent inspections will prevent difficulties with your solar panel system, fixing issues before they become serious problems. Plus the small investments into your systems will help you get a maximum return on your investment. So you can sit back, relax and save your money.

Twin Electrics & Plumbing will assist with all solar system service, repair and installation requirements. All solar panel services are carried out by our fully licensed, Melbourne based electricians.

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