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Choosing the best electrical contractor for your business

You’ve got an electrical issue, and all you want is a quick solution to the problem. But choosing the best electrical contractor is so much more difficult when you run a business. Beyond the usual requirements like speed, quality, and reliability, you have the added pressures of compliance, insurance, and responsibility to the people you manage.  What you need is a checklist of essential considerations to help you choose the right contractor. Of course, Twin Electrics & Plumbing would love to be your first choice. But we’re on a mission to improve electrical safety, so regardless of your decision, we encourage you to use this guide as you research the best options. 

BUY SMART#1. Qualifications

If one of our technicians turns up at your door, we expect you to ask them to prove that they are licenced. For Twin Electrics & Plumbing, it’s no inconvenience because we only hire and train certified technicians. But some solo contractors don’t meet the same standards. No licence means no compliance. Non-compliant work is legally (and in many cases, practically) not up to industry standards. In the event of an incident caused by an electrical issue, tracing it back to incompetent electrical work could put you in legal hot water. 


Best electrical contractor#2. Experience

Now that we have a certified electrician, the next obvious question is whether they have the necessary experience. With so many contractors out there, you should be able to find someone who is either very experienced across the entire gamut of electrical appliances, wiring and infrastructure; or a technician who has developed a particular area of specialisation. When searching for the best electrical contractor, make sure you only hire electricians who have solid evidence or testimonies to back their experience.

#3. Insurance

As a business, you’re probably already juggling a few insurance policies. Somewhere in the fine print of your policy, you’ll find clauses that insist on 100% compliance. While insurance companies are known for a little bit of leniency during claims, they will withdraw that generosity if the claim is large enough. It’s not something you can take to the bank, figuratively or literally! As for insuring the electrical work, if your electrician isn’t insured, you can probably guess who will be liable in the event of an accident. The contractor will be long gone, leaving you holding the smoking gun!

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#4. Pricing 

Life can often surprise us. Perhaps the cheapest electrician you find will deliver the highest quality of work. Is it likely, though? Rather than price, we recommend looking at value. For larger organisations like Twin Electrics & Plumbing, our operations are expensive. We hire the best technicians, buy the latest equipment and have a dedicated customer support team. We may be slightly more costly than a solo contractor, but we strive to offer much better value. 

#5. Speed

We all know that the cost of an electrical issue in an office, warehouse or factory is measured by lost productivity. Good managers always have an eye on the clock. You may have found the best electrical contractor, but a long wait will be far too costly. In terms of costs, a fast solution that gets your team back to full productivity can often pay for itself. If you’re losing a thousand dollars an hour, every minute counts. 

#6. Reputation

The bigger the brand, the more investment in its development and maintenance. That’s the way it works in a world of fast connectivity and transparency. It’s great for the consumer and tough on the vendor. But for brands like ours, built over 40 years, reputation is everything. We can’t afford to deliver shoddy work or overcharge customers. Every job is performed strictly to standards, both internal and regulatory. So, is your contractor reputable? In other words, are they accountable? 

Twin Electrics Services Electrical Contractor Reviews#7. References and Reviews

With plenty of disreputable characters giving our industry a bad name, the default starting position for any customer is cynicism. We get it. Once bitten, twice shy. Still, that customer feedback is an excellent tool for anyone looking for the best electrical contractor. Make sure you don’t base a decision on one great review. Check to see how many reviews the business has received. A decent rating backed by a large number of reviews is a much more reliable indicator than a small handful of high ratings. 

Preventive Maintenance | Electrician Contractor#8. Equipment

It’s not always an essential box to tick, but in some cases, equipment is critical. For the most advanced electrical work, one particular item of equipment may dramatically increase quality or reduce labour. Costs will be reduced if you deal with a vendor who owns, rather than leases, equipment for large-scale infrastructure projects. Also, ensure you’re dealing with an electrician who has well-maintained equipment. Some tools are extremely powerful, so even a minor malfunction could put you or your team at risk.  You may also be interested on: Safety Tips Guides, dealing with dangerous hazards every day

Best electrical contractor#9. Product

For products like larger electrical appliances, a well-established company with key industry partnerships can help you access cutting edge products or massive discounts. The more prominent and older the vendor, the more likely they’ll have closer ties with major brands and suppliers. Exclusive deals are always the ultimate goal in partnerships, so you could find that a premium or unique product is available when you choose a particular vendor. 

Best electrical contractor customer service#10. Manners

It’s rarely going to make the top of a priority list but choosing a crass, impolite or untidy contractor is something you’ll immediately regret. If it’s a minor inconvenience during a quick repair, imagine how you’d feel if you had to put up with a toxic or offensive individual for a week or more? Ensure you check reviews and testimonials for comments regarding etiquette, courtesy and personal hygiene.

Over 40 years providing commercial electrical services across Melbourne Metro.

Finding The Best Electrical Contractor – Is It Possible To Tick Every Box On The Checklist?

It certainly is. It may seem like a few items belong on a ‘nice to have’ list, but at Twin Electrics & Plumbing, we believe these ten characteristics are essential. That means our technicians are fast, reliable, experienced, certified and polite. They all represent the Twin Electrics & Plumbing brand – a family business with over 40 years of experience and 40 vans on the road in Melbourne.  We may not be the first choice for your next electrical project, but we’d like to think you’ll choose a company with the same high standards. We look forward to working with you in the future. Until then, please always try to tick all ten boxes on our checklist. 

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