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Why You Should Install A Water Tank

Catching The Winter Rains: Why You Should Install A Water Tank

As we come to the end of another wonderful Australian summer, are you prepared for winter? The colder months bring more rain and the end of the dangerous bushfire season. But at this time, it is also important to look ahead to the next summer time when the hot, endless days will return. Planning carefully allows you to take advantage of the rainfall due to fall across Victoria over the next few months so you are prepared for the hot season later this year. Hosepipe bans are environmentally necessary but an inconvenience. As the days get drier and green grass is scorched by the sun, many of us grumble about our inability to water our gardens. But what if you could? What if you could gather your own water supply in winter which you can then use in summer? Read on to find out more. Why You Should Install A Water Tank

Water Collection Tanks

Many residential and commercial properties install water tanks on their properties. These, combined with drainage system such as guttering and storm water management, allow the collection of the runoff which accumulates during downpours. While there is little use for this water over the wetter winter months, storage of this naturally occurring water source can come into its own as the country heats back up.

Different Types of Water Tank

Depending on your location, the setup of your property and other variables, there are a number of different water tank designs which may best suit you. Here are some of the most popular designs and installations which are available in Melbourne and throughout Victoria.
  • Round, overground rainwater tanks – cheap to install and can fit into small spaces
  • Slimline tanks – ideal for properties with limited space but require a sturdy foundation
  • Storage walls – expensive but great space savers
  • Underground tanks – invisible, large and space saving, but do require excavation
  • Bladders – specialist sacks which can be fitted beneath floors but must be installed professionally
All of these water tanks can be installed by Plumbing Services Melbourne to help you harvest your local rainwater. Discrete and effective, this is an increasingly popular choice for people who are seeking to establish their own water source. While bore holes may still be in use across rural Australia, many suburban and city environments must look to other, more modern ways of collecting the rainfall of winter. Water tanks are an environmentally friendly solution which allow us to reuse a naturally occurring resource during the dry season. Rainwater may not be drinkable by us but it can be used for a variety of other tasks which are affected by water limitations such as hosepipe bans. These tasks can include watering plants and lawns, washing cars and a water source for animals. Particularly clean collected water can also be used to flush your toilet, wash clothes and even shower. Rainwater harvesting is a sensible and environmentally choice for you and your family, encouraged by the Australian Government. If you’re interested in the installation of a water tank or need water tank maintenance at your property, contact Twin Electrics & Plumbing today. The sooner you install your new tank, the sooner you can begin to catch the winter rains and begin to fill your personal, eco water storage. Also you can contact us for blocked drain issues. We have highly qualified licensed and fully insured technicians. Call today and speak to an expert to book your appointment.

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