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Autumn is Coming: General Housekeeping Tasks You Should Remember to Perform

When autumn sets in and those golden leaves begin to fall, there are a few general housekeeping tasks you should remember to perform. Every year, debris from plants is blown by the wind and swept up in the rain to land on your roof, in your gutters and become wedged in your stormwater pits. An annual clean and maintenance service of these spaces will ensure these vital but often neglected features of our homes continue to work at their fullest potential.  

Roofs and Guttering

While some households build gutter cleaning into their annual tasks, most neglect this area of home maintenance. It’s often only when the rainwater begins to drip and then flow over the edge that action is taken. We seem to forget that this small plastic pipe is dealing with a huge amount of runoff and preventing us from getting dripped on every time we can’t find our keys as well as protecting our house exterior from water damage. You can minimise possible damage to the gutter itself and avoid having to climb a ladder in the pouring rain by having your guttering serviced by a professional. Not only will we clear out the leaves and flush water through the piping but we’ll also perform a thorough check of the guttering system to ensure there are no leaks or damaged areas. Those of you who perform DIY gutter cleaning, well done! But here at Twin Electrics & Plumbing Melbourne, we go further than just cleaning out the gutters you can see. We’ll also make sure every downspout is completely clear of leaves and debris so the water can easily flow down and out into stormwater management systems. In addition to cleaning out your guttering, we’ll make sure your roof is in good condition. A damaged shingle or tile can lead to severe problems. We’ll remove any debris lodged on the roof before it can make its way to the guttering and get stuck there.  

Stormwater Pits & Storm Drains

Directing rainwater away from dwellings and public spaces is one thing. But this flow has to be collected and then transported out of developed areas and into natural water sources. Storm drains and stormwater pits are typically used to capture and divert water runoff from parking lots, roofs and sidewalks. It is usually the job of the council to keep these systems clean and Twin Electrics & Plumbing the Roof Plumber Melbourne can help. These systems are sometimes found on residential properties as well. A stormwater drain collects the water whereas a stormwater pit works to prevent debris such as leaves, gravel and rubbish from entering the pipes. Were these items to get into the stormwater drain and then flow down into the water sources, we would have a serious pollution problem and the systems would get regularly clogged, causing flooding. The stormwater pit is a device placed at the entrance of the drain to capture these items. However, periodically, the pit needs to be cleaned to allow a continued flow of water through. Are you responsible for a Stormwater Management system? Contact Twin Electrics & Plumbing today and discover how we can help keep that water flowing.  

Autumn Is Coming

While Victoria is not the wettest state in Australia, we still get rain. On those chilly days, we stay inside and forget the outside world but our stormwater management systems are working hard to carry the downpour away and keep the sidewalks and streets clear. When these systems fail or are compromised, problems develop. We recommend completing maintenance checks and services on both your guttering and your stormwater management systems twice per year to ensure everything continues to work smoothly. Autumn is a perfect time to have your first check and make sure everything is ready for the wetter months. To book an appointment, contact us today. Remember, prevention is better than cure and our services can save you thousands of dollars in water damage in the event of a preventable flood.

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