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Electrical Services DDIY – Don’t Do It Yourself.

Electrical Services DDIY – Don’t Do It Yourself

DIY electrical services: It’s not worth the risk.

Electrical repair work is dangerous. You should always hire a qualified electrician to complete any electrical inspection, installation and repair work. Technicians spend years learning and perfecting the trade so that they can keep themselves safe on the job. Twin Electrics & Plumbing have teams of fully qualified, Melbourne-based electricians to help you with any project or problem you encounter.

What are electrical risks?

When completing electrical services risks are aplenty, especially to the untrained eye. Some common hazards include:

Electrical Shocks - Electrical Risk

Electrical shocks

Electric shock is probably the most well known electrical risk. Electrical shocks can happen both directly and indirectly. These shocks can cause serious injury (such as contact burns or organ injury) or even death.

Electrical Fire - Electrical Risk

Electrical fires

Causes of electrical fires can be faulty wiring, malfunctioning components, and broken appliances.

Electrical Burn -  Electrical Risk


Explosions, arching and electrical fires can cause burns, leading to serious injury.

Toxic Gas -Electrical Risk

Toxic Gas

Burning or arcing associated with electrical faults can release gases and contaminants. These gases may be poisonous and can lead to illness or death.

Secondary Incidents

If you encounter an electrical risk due to faulty equipment or infrastructure, it can lead to other health-related incidents. These incidents could be: falls, muscle spasms, palpitations, nausea, vomiting, collapse and unconsciousness.

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Inadequate Electrical Services Cause Issues

Aside from safety risks, DIY electrical services can cause short-term and long-term issues for your property. Short-term, you are unlikely to get it right on your first attempt, which can cause your problem to become far more extensive and more complicated than it was at the outset. When it comes to selling your property down the track, DIY electrics can cause unnecessary obstacles. Even if you hide your DIY repairs behind walls, floors and roofs, a qualified electrician may inspect your property at sale time. Your DIY work will likely fail to satisfy the criteria to pass inspection. In the same token, DIY repairs to electric motors are highly susceptible to faults and failed inspections. These obstacles are entirely avoidable by using professional electrical services. Additionally, DIY electrical service can void your properties insurance policy, as unqualified or amateur workmanship nullifies your insurance agreement. 

Make sure your electrical provider counts with at least one of the following accreditations:

Energy Safe Victoria
National Electrical and Communications Association
Energy Safe Victoria
Professional Electricians = Better Electrical Repairs

Professional Electricians = Better Electrical Repairs

Commonly, when completing electrical services on their property, people focus on the immediate problem in front of them. Consequently, this oversight can mean that people miss the overarching issue causing their problems. Long-term, this may leave your home open to safety risks from inappropriate electrical services. Qualified electricians use their expertise to diagnose the underlying issues in your system to complete a more holistic repair. Professional electrical services will save you time and money while providing you with peace of mind that the problem has is fixed appropriately and safely.

A Licensed Electrician Ensures the Best Electrical Services

Licensed electricians have the best skills and training to handle electrical services. The average homeowner is not equipped to handle electrical repairs. Licensed electricians are, due to their years-long training. Furthermore, if a licensed electrician completes sub-par work, it can jeopardise their reputation and risk having their license revoked. No reliable and trustworthy electrician would risk this, meaning that you will have a carefully completed and high-quality service. Professional electrical services will save you money long term, ensuring there is a complete and correct job the first time.

While a DIY electrical service might seem like a good idea at first, you’re more than likely going to cause more damage long-term. Twin Electrics & Plumbing domestic and commercial electrical services done by qualified and fully insured electricians. Our services include lighting installation, air-conditioning services, solar panel system installation, electric motor services, electric hot water services, repair and maintenance services, emergency services and more. We cater to both domestic and commercial electrical needs.

With over 40 years of experience in the Melbourne area, you can be sure Twin Electrics & Plumbing will provide you with expertise and reliability every time. 

You can rest easy, leaving all the hard work in our tradespeople’s trusty and fully capable hands. Reach us via our online form or call us on (03) 9068 6429 for all your electrical maintenance needs!

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