Do you have a gas heating system? It’s important to get your heater serviced regularly to ensure it is working safely and efficiently. As the weather turns cooler, it is a good idea to book in for a complete service to make sure your family stays warm this winter.

Why Get A Service?

A gas heater can run on a variety of gases including carbon dioxide. When working correctly, there is no risk of this gas causing any health complaints to people in the building. However, a faulty gas heater can leak CO2 or emit carbon monoxide and be a danger to those who come into contact with the toxic air. Regular services decrease the chances of leaks which can lead to fires or the build-up of pollution which can be dangerous to individuals in the vicinity.

Service Before Repair

Even if your gas heater appears to be working without any issues, we recommend you book in for a system service. We believe that pre-emptive services are better than gas heater repairs. Don’t wait until your heating systems breaks and leaves you and other building users chilled. It’s more cost effective to complete smaller maintenance tasks on a gas heating system than to repair larger problems that develop after years of neglect.

It is also quicker to repair small issues as they arise rather than undergoing larger, lengthier repairs. Ensuring your system is in good working order will guarantee you are able to keep your building warm this winter. After working with gas heaters for more than 20 years, Twin Electrics & Plumbing always recommends an affordable regular service rather than a major has heater repair.

Gas Heater Service Melbourne

Do You Need A Service?

We recommend everyone services their gas heater regularly, irrespective of whether or not there are symptoms of a problem. However, if you see any of the following signs, you should call the Licensed Plumber Melbourne for a service immediately:

  • Pilot light frequently going out
  • Pilot light popping or banging when you light the heater
  • Yellow, brown or red sooty flame
  • Soot stains on or around the heater
  • Heat damage showing on the heater or walls nearby the unit
  • System is overheating

Why Twin Electrics & Plumbing

It’s important that a professional, experienced engineer completes the service on your gas heater. Every system is different and in order to ensure that all issues are identified and fixed, you need to hire a reputable company. Twin Electrics & Plumbing has over forty years of experience and employs only fully trained staff who are always up to date with the latest gas technologies.

We recommend that all gas heaters are regularly serviced and tested to ensure optimum performance. What does a gas heater service cost? Our comprehensive gas heater service includes a CO2 test and costs just $250.00 plus GST. To book your service, contact Twin Electrics & Plumbing the Commercial Electricians Melbourne today. Also check out Stay Warm In Winter.


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