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One AC to rule them all - reverse cycle split system air conditioners

With the ability to truly control the climate, it’s just a matter of time before the reverse cycle split system air conditioner replaces old AC units and gas heating.  

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One aircon to rule them all – the new generation of reverse cycle split system air conditioners 

There was a time when going green meant making budget or performance sacrifices. Now it seems that every time we share our favourite new tech on the Twin Electrics & Plumbing blog, we have the pleasure of confidently telling our readers it’s a win/win situation. The reverse cycle split system air conditioner is no exception. If you haven’t heard about these efficient and convenient air-conditioning solutions, do yourself (and the environment) a favour by learning how they’re revolutionising the way we heat and cool our homes.  

Taming the weather with total climate control  

We get it. You’re busy. It’s not like you spend your time reading up on the latest in air-con. Plus, the old status quo – gas heating for winter and traditional air conditioners for summer – seems to do the job. We’re not here to bad-mouth gas. In fact, we love installing and maintaining gas systems. But wouldn’t it be nice to have one magical dial that controlled the climate regardless of the season? That would have been considered science fiction a decade ago.   With one condenser and multiple wall units throughout the house, installing a reverse cycle split system air conditioner gives you the freedom to design a system that perfectly delivers what you need. These air conditioners are just as efficient whether they’re heating you up or cooling you down. Best of all, being the latest in technology, the innovation extends beyond performance to include built-in timers, quiet and sleep modes, Wi-Fi and smartphone compatibility. It’s not only possible to control the climate; you can control it from an app.  

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Reverse Split Air Conditioning how it works?
How does a reverse cycle split system air conditioner works?

Tailored systems and ultra-efficiency for less impact on the environment 

The new inverter condenser units are incredibly efficient. The inverter controls power like no other type of system, creating the lowest possible energy consumption. Intelligent control helps you to only adjust the temperature in the rooms that need it, and to avoid wasting energy on cooling or heating the rooms you’re not using.   Ever rolled your eyes when you walked into a tiny room with a huge AC unit? What a waste of money, space and power! There’s no need to worry about that anymore. There’s a range of indoor head units to suit the space you’re controlling. Just to sweeten the deal, after putting up with bulky wall-fitted air conditioners for years, you’ll be surprised how aesthetically appealing these units are. Has anyone used the words ‘sexy’ and ‘aircon’ in the same sentence before? A lot of interior designers are beginning to do exactly that! 
Top 5 Bennefits of Revere cycle Split System aircon
AC Split Systems innovation extends beyond performance

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Exceptional doesn’t mean expensive  

With a range of sizes and applications, the reverse cycle split system air conditioner is wonderfully scalable. It’s all about tailoring the system to fit requirements. There’s no need for overkill, so you can avoid the trap of installing an overpriced system that often exceeds your needs. It’s all about designing an experience that’s right for your environment. There are reverse cycle split systems for the smallest domestic purposes, high-end models with high-end capabilities, and solutions for commercial and industrial applications.   Surely a system that controls the climate in an entire home or business must be a nightmare to install, right? Well, considering we’re the ones who have to expertly install reverse cycle split systems across the entire Melbourne metro area, this might be our favourite advantage: it only takes half a day! We generally go to a customer’s home or business for a free inspection, and voila! A day later, the entire building can have a completed installation. 

What opportunities are available and how much rebate can you expect?

Split System Air Conditioning Rebates
*Discount or rebate will vary – these figures are based on a certificate price of $30 and the average efficiency of products improved under the program. The final price could be higher or lower. Final price will depend on several factors including certificate price, type and size of upgrade, location, installation costs and administrative costs by Accredited Provider. Source: Victoria Energy Saver

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Control, comfort and convenience 

We write a lot of blogs on buying smart and making environmental choices. Let’s face it, the public demands better tech with a lighter carbon footprint. Perhaps that’s why manufacturers are coming up with innovations that simultaneously satisfy the need for greener, smarter and more cost-efficient solutions.   Like the innovations we’ve shared recently, including eWater cleaning products and new EV chargers, the reverse cycle split system air conditioner is destined to become the norm. With so many pros and so few cons, when you consider installing one of these air conditioners, it’s less a case of asking why, and more a case of asking why not?  

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