The importance of having an expert service, supply and install an Air Conditioning, Split System or Evaporative Unit.

Excellent support is an important consideration when you are planning an installation. At Twin Electrics & Plumbing, we are passionate about expert service, installation, maintenance and repairs to ensure a longer lifespan of your system as well as higher efficiency and performance.

Having a cooling system or evaporative unit installed in your home or business is a significant investment. It’s a big-ticket item that requires an excellent warranty, expert installation and after-sales care. There are many businesses offering installation services, yet not all are licensed to conduct expert air conditioning-related practices, nor offer end to end expert service and they may disappear after your install and be unavailable when something goes wrong.

Start the project with a licensed professional.

Installing, repairing and servicing air conditioners is a very technical process. It is crucial that you engage a licensed professional to ensure the project runs seamlessly and you receive a thorough system installation. It is illegal for tradesmen to deal with fluorocarbon refrigerant chemicals which are often in household air conditioners without a licence that is issued by the Australian Refrigeration Council.

Don’t run the risk of paying for recurring repairs, or even an early replacement unit because your installation wasn’t up to scratch.

When you don’t hire a professional air conditioning service and installer, you run the risk of paying for recurring repairs, being under warranties that don’t measure up and even receiving council violations.

Our experts are repairing and servicing air conditioners who hold a national licence for carrying out work in relation to air conditioning or refrigeration equipment including working with fluorocarbon refrigerants.

There are two types of licences that are issued by the Australian Refrigeration Council to qualified individuals. Installers should hold at least one of these licences. If you’re installing a system over 18kW or having an air conditioner serviced or repaired, the technician will require a full licence.

The simplest way to avoid paying for costly future repairs is to start the project under the guidance of a trustworthy experienced technician who will guarantee a smooth service experience and an expert installation process from start to finish.

As mentioned, installing an air conditioning system is a costly investment, and fortunately, there are economical choices on the market without the need to compromise on quality. You want to get the natural lifetime value out of your system and your investment into comfort in your home or business. And you can. Even with a modest budget, there is a model suited to your needs.

We advise and guide you on choosing a manufacturer with a high level of support and an excellent warranty scheme ensuring a longer lifespan of your system without compromising on efficiency and performance. We’ll be there to see it through and maintain your system into the future.

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