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Best EV charger for home

Finding the best EV charger for home - get the most out of your solar panels

Searching for the best EV charger for home? Find out how the new ‘solar aware’ chargers can make the most of your solar panels. 

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Finding the best EV charger for home – get the most out of your solar panels (without giving all your power to the grid!) 

Australia may not have the best international reputation as advocates of emission reduction but that’s not the average Aussie’s fault. We’ve taken to solar energy like a duck to water and can now boast some of the highest numbers of solar panels per capita in the world. On top of that, we’re quickly falling in love with electric vehicles. For a country that’s meant to be coal-obsessed and has a long history of producing muscle cars, it’s clear we’re a very adaptable nation. 

PV Per Capita

But one sticking point for most Aussies is a steadily declining incentive to do the right thing. Solar panel installation needs to be done professionally by an expert, and that means it can be costly. We may be happy to help reduce emissions but we also want to see savings in the long run, right? It seems we’ve become energy producers for the grid.  

So how do we use the energy we produce while increasing our contribution to a net-zero carbon Australia? The answer is simple: you combine your two favourite emission-reducing passions: solar panels plus EV charging. It’s the best way of making the most of the energy you (and the sun) produce, and adding a little extra money to the kitty by cutting costs. In fact, finding the best EV charger for home could become an increasingly critical decision for budget-conscious Aussies. 

The strategy becomes increasingly effective with the rapidly improving capabilities of EV chargers. Twin Electrics and Plumbing has been a huge advocate of solar energy since it arrived on the scene three decades ago and we’ve literally fitted hundreds of Victorian homes with panels, becoming one of the state’s top installers of solar units. There isn’t much we don’t know about solar, and right now we’re particularly excited about the new range of EV chargers on the market, not only because they’ve stepped up a gear in terms of tech, but also because they’re making it easy for Melbourne homeowners to get the most out of their panels.  

So let’s see how EVs and solar panels combine to provide benefits at home, during your daily commute and (especially) when it comes time to do your personal budgeting. Here are a few things to consider before you choose the best EV charger for home. 


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Global Electric Car Stock 2010-29 | Source IEA Analysis

Electronic Vehicles – the way forward  

Some of the advantages of owning electric vehicles are obvious. We all know they’re better for the environment. But people who haven’t done a deep dive into the benefits may still be working on a few misconceptions, especially when it comes to performance. If you’re still a little EV-reluctant, let’s quickly review some of the lesser-known advantages of electric vehicles.  

Firstly, for anyone who loves the sound of traditional petrol guzzlers, don’t mistake the silent EV engines as an indication of weak performance. In fact, EVs are super-quick off the mark thanks to instant torque. Secondly, fewer moving parts mean less maintenance which means your car spends more time on the road. Add to that the fact EVs provide the right temperature for the engine (and its driver) within seconds, lower fuel costs in general and can channel energy back to the house in times of power outages, and you start to see why many people are making the transition.  

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EV chargers – improving as quickly as the engines they power 

Like most developing technologies, EVs have faced barriers in the car market due to the logical assumption that the tech is always improving. Many consumers just think it’s prudent to wait another month, or even a year, until better cars and chargers hit the market. We’ve seen this attitude applied to solar energy for years. Of course, there are always going to be improvements to technology, but talk to any solar panel owner and you’ll find there are few regrets about making the commitment to solar. Even older panels are still returning great results on initial investments. 

But right now, EV chargers are reaching technological maturity. There’s never been a better time to consider an EV charger for home. The level 2 electrical charging units (the most commonly used type of charger for homeowners) have come forward in leaps and bounds over the past two years and the best units now only need one hour to deliver enough charge to power your car for up to 110km. Obviously that’s a huge incentive for the many consumers on the cusp of migrating to EVs.  

zappi electric car charger - Best EV charger for home
zappi electric car charger

Enter the ‘solar aware’ charger – use your solar energy instead of losing it to the grid 

By switching to solar, we’re already doing the right thing by the environment and many of us have been proud solar power advocates for more than a decade. But the incentives that helped to convince us to take a leap of faith seem to be dwindling as panels go mainstream. Selling power back to the grid isn’t as rewarding as it was during the first decade of the solar revolution. It hardly seems fair after we’ve made considerable investments and in many cases, doubled our investments due to necessary upgrades.   

So when we heard about the new range of ‘solar aware’ chargers that could directly charge EV batteries using a homeowner’s solar energy supply, it raised a few eyebrows here at Twin Electrics and Plumbing. We love the idea of essentially cutting out the middleman and using as much of a home’s solar energy production as possible.  

The Zappi EV charger is probably the most impressive among a new generation of little units offering big advantages. With a range of charging modes, intuitive interface, inbuilt cost-saving features and its ability to tap directly into your solar supply, the Zappi has quickly become the best EV charger for home, in our humble opinion. We’ve already installed over a hundred Zappi in Melbourne, so we know these units back to front. That’s pretty important considering poor installation can lead to electrocution or a hefty fine.  

For more tips on EV chargers, check out the experts, Evolution Australia.   

EV Charger Upgrade

From panel to engine – the ultimate in green motoring 

The Australian sun is one of our most valuable assets. Our ability to innovate and embrace change is another. Australians are now combining the two to create energy solutions for motoring that are as profitable as they are beneficial to the environment. The new breed of EVs and their equally advanced chargers now mean we can get the most out of the energy we generate each day.  

But make sure you do your research before choosing which unit is the best EV charger for home, and definitely think twice before taking the advice of car dealerships who often provide older or more basic units. Last but not least, make sure you get a qualified, experienced installer of EV chargers to do the job. Sure, we’re confident we’re among the best in the state, but whether you choose Twin Electrics and Plumbing or one of our competitors, make sure they’ve got the qualifications to tick every box in terms of safety and regulations.  

Enjoy your EV and as always, drive safely.  

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