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Air-conditioning Service

Air-conditioning Service - Benefits for you!

Air-conditioning keeps your property cool, making it more pleasant. In the hot Australian summer, your air-conditioning system must be reliable so that you can stay cool. Twin Electrics & Plumbing offers Melbourne-based quality air-conditioning installation, maintenance and repair services. Routine service means that you can keep the cold air flowing as you need it.

Air-conditioning service

Air-conditioning Service Ensures Efficiency

Maintaining your air-conditioning means your system will operate efficiently. Under-serviced machines take too long to start cooling your home and you certainly need an effective cooling system to beat the hot Australian summer.

Efficient operations use less power, and less power is good for the environment and your pocket! A well-serviced air-conditioning system will cool your property quickly and effectively, with less power consumption!

Save money with Air-conditioning service

Routine Servicing Saves Money

A well-serviced air-conditioning unit saves you money. Small investments in routine maintenance will help keep your machine running smoothly all through summer. These investments prevent the need for expensive repairs, right when you need the system the most. Additionally, routine servicing will reduce your systems power consumption, resulting in a lower power bill. Plus, a cooler home climate in summer helps other household appliances run cooler, further saving you money. 

Keep your air quality clean

Air-conditioning Servicing Protects your Health

As you use your air-conditioning system over time, dirt and debris can collect inside. This dirt can be released into your home when the unit is in use, resulting in poor air quality. Therefore, it is vital that your system is clean and free of debris. Routine air-conditioning maintenance can help preserve your properties air quality by ensuring the system is clean and sterilised.

A cleaner system can be especially helpful for those who suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions. Aside from being cleaner, routinely serviced air-conditioning systems also run quieter, making your property a cool and calm space amid the crazy Australian summers.

Routine maintenance ensures system longevity

Regular air-conditioning maintenance will prevent your system from early ruin. Routine maintenance on your system gives you a reliable cooling system you can count on in summer, plus reliable systems have fewer breakdowns. Fewer breakdowns = less stress and less money spent on costly, preventable repairs. Gain long term savings by having your system routinely serviced; reducing bills, repair costs and prolonging the need to invest in a new system.

A routine air-conditioning service with Twin Electrics & Plumbing means your system will have all of its components and parts (such as coils, filters, electrical connectors, thermostat etc.) checked over for wear and tear. We will ensure the system is clean, free of debris, and operating correctly and at peak efficiency.

Regardless of whether it for domestic or commercial needs, the benefits of regular maintenance are the same. Routine, professional servicing ensures your air conditioning system operates suitably over its lifetime. Most importantly, you’ll have a more inviting home while saving money in the long term.

Twin Electrics & Plumbing have been keeping the people of Melbourne cool for over 30 years. We are happy to arrange your routine air-conditioning service, so call us on (03) 8372 0448 to discuss your air conditioning needs.

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