Customer: Gorman Kelly – Commercial Property Management      

Emergency Plumbing Case Study

Gorman Kelly specializes in commercial property management in Melbourne’s city fringe and eastern suburbs. With over 20 years experience, Gorman Kelly they have a commitment to excellence which underpins their strong reputation in the commercial property sector. They have chosen to work with Twin Electrics & Plumbing as we have similar corporate values with a strong focus on service delivery.


Emergency Plumbing Melbourne Case StudyA major water leak had developed at 613 St Kilda Rd Melbourne. It required fast action as it was a potential public safety issue.


The leak was caused by a burst water supply for an essential fire service to the building. It affected both commercial and domestic tenants. To make matters worse the leak had spread to the nature strip in front of the building. Not only was it a safety concern within the building but it became an issue of public safety.


Gorman Kelly’s Property Manager made an emergency call to Twin Electrics & Plumbing Customer Emergency Plumbing PipeEmergency Plumbing HotlineHotline.  He advised the circumstances of the emergency and advised that it had to be repaired urgently. The massive leak was becoming worse! It needed urgent action.

The Twin Electrics & Plumbing emergency plumbing team sprang into action.Emergency Plumbing Case Study at Work

It was a difficult situation, because the leak was on the nature strip, the responsible council needed to issue a permit.

As St Kilda Road is one of Melbourne’s busiest avenues, traffic management had to be implemented. St Kilda Road is a tree lined boulevard and the leak was at the foot of one of the street trees. Our team had to ensure that they did not damage the tree.

Emergency Plumbing WorkingOur experienced team arrived on site early in the morning equipped with a truck mounted jet/vacuum apparatus (to ensure that the street tree would not be damaged). The also took along all the equipment and materials required to deal with the emergency.




Twin Electrics & Plumbing had the site carefully excavated to expose the leaking pipe. Emergency Plumbing RemedyThey cut the pipe and replaced it, which stopped the massive leak. The team then back filled the excavation and remediated the site.

With the job completed by early afternoon, the tenants were back on their normal water supply with little inconvenience.



Emergency Plumbing Results

Twin Electrics & Plumbing, with its rapid response capability was able to fix the problem and get the building tenants back on to water supply at the earliest possible time. Due to its quick action in repairing the leak the safety of the building occupants and the general public was ensured.

The client, who made the emergency call for help, was delighted with our response and final outcome.  Thanks to the Twin Electrics & Plumbing emergency plumbing team the operation was conducted safely, professionally and with minimum inconvenience.