Solar Panel Repairs Melbourne

The Solar Panel Repair Experts When You Need Them Most

Solar repair at Twin Electrics and Plumbing—we specialise in solar panel repairs in and around the Melbourne area.

Solar panels are an integral part of your energy needs. They not only provide you with electricity but they also power your heating and cooling systems, your everyday electrical appliances and more. And best of all they subsidise your electricity tariffs. That's why proper maintenance is so important.

Issues You Can Face With Solar Panels

You might need solar panel repair for many different reasons such as:

  • Faulty wiring due to  improper installation or because of an incident that has developed over time.
  • Individual panels that stop functioning in the way they were intended. This affects your entire system.
  • Lightning strikes.
  • Poor performance
  • Faulty inverters

Twin Electrics and Plumbing Is Here to Help

At Twin Electrics and Plumbing, there is no problem too large or too small with your solar panel system for us to handle.

In addition to installing completely new systems, we also check and replace faulty wiring, replace inverters that may have become damaged or have stopped working, replace all individual panels and isolator switches that may be performing below your expectations and more.

If a problem has developed due to an incident like a lightning strike, don't worry—we will work directly with your insurance company to help rectify the situation as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Solar Panel Maintenance

At Twin Electrics and Plumbing, we also take care of routine maintenance in and around Melbourne to help your solar panel system maintain the high level of function and performance that you've come to expect.

You have made a serious investment by purchasing a solar panel system, so it makes sense to establish a regular maintenance schedule to ensure longevity and optimum performance.

Your solar panel efficiency can be greatly reduced due to bird droppings, dust and dirt, shading from vegetation growth, faulty wiring or damaged panels.

All solar panel repairs are carried out by our fully licensed electricians in Melbourne. We can handle any solar repair issues including inverter checks and replacements, installation of complete new solar panel systems, rewiring, and power system checks.

When it comes to your solar panel repairs, Twin Electrics and Plumbing can do it all. If you're in need of solar repairs or general maintenance, don't hesitate to contact us today.

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