One of our most valued customers operates 20 Aged Care villages throughout the Melbourne and Metropolitan area. The customer looks to constantly improve its sustainability.

They decided to undertake a solar project in one Aged Care village in Victoria as a ‘proof of concept’ .

The project involved the replacement of an end-of-life gas bulk boiler hot water and heating unit with a more cost effective, sustainable and efficient solar powered alternative.

The project involved replacing hot water heating to 60 units in the village.The final specification was for the installation of 20 bulk solar systems installation which fed the 60 units.

Twin Electrics & Plumbing demonstrated our capabilities to the client and we were chosen as the project partner. We designed a system that catered for the needs of village residents.

Our company collaborated with the client’s State Office and Village Management to ensure that residents and technicians were in a safe environment without any disruption to service.

Our final design was audited and sanctioned by an independent Quantative Surveying company.

We undertook the entire project using our in-house resources.

The team working on the project included Solar, Electrical & Plumbing technicians.

They worked under the coordination and management of one of our company supervisors.

The project was completed within the time frame of two months.

At completion, we provided warranties for equipment, labour and materials for the project.

A handover was done with the principal and all parties were extremely satisfied with the result.

The entire project was completed safely with no OHS incidents or injuries reported.

An evaluation of the cost savings and performance is being undertaken by our client. If as expected, the results are positive, Twin Electrics & Plumbing will be able to undertake further solar system upgrades at the remaining 19 villages.