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Going Green

Carbon neutral offices and eco-friendly homes

Twin Electrics & Plumbing is one of the state’s leaders in the transition to green solutionsFrom solar panels to rainwater tanks to EV chargersour experts are always testing the latest models and techniques. We’ll be sharing our recommendations and advice with likeminded business striving to be carbon-neutral and the many families building eco-friendly homes in Victoria.  

Solar Panel Maintenance is Important - Get the most of your system.

Discover how you can make the most of the natural sun with a solar panel system, and the importance of solar panel maintenance!

How To Choose The Best Hot Water System – 2022 Top 10

Looking for the best hot water system? Save money, lower emissions and improve performance. Choose the right energy, device and capacity.

Choosing the best electrical contractor for your business

Looking for a safe, reliable and high-quality electrician? Choose the best electrical contractor for your business by using our 10-point checklist.

The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Sustainable Home

Ready to do your part for the planet? Creating a sustainable home starts by knowing all the options, from passive solar design to rainwater harvesting.

Top 10 Energy-efficient Lighting Tips

Learn how energy-saving bulbs, timers, sensors and solar can help you create a modern energy-efficient lighting plan for your home.

One AC to rule them all - reverse cycle split system air conditioners

With the ability to truly control the climate, it’s just a matter of time before the reverse cycle split system air conditioner replaces old AC…

Finding the best EV charger for home - get the most out of your solar panels

Searching for the best EV charger for home? Find out how the new ‘solar aware’ chargers can make the most of your solar panels.

Are you risking fire and electrocution? Why you should consider an electrical switchboard upgrade.

When was the last time you checked the capacity of your switchboard? Fire and electrocution are two dangers of delaying a long-needed electrical switchboard upgrade.

Installing a Water Tank: Do's and Don'ts

Find out how installing a water tank could benefit your property, and what to look for when installing your new water tank!

Air-conditioning Service - Benefits for you!

Discover how a professional air-conditioning service will save you money long-term and keep your system running at peak efficiency every summer.

Solar System Service: do it before Summer!

Discover why having your solar panel system inspected before summer is essential for safety, peak performance and will save you money long-term.

Victorian Solar Installation Rebate 2020-21

The Victorian Government published the new Solar Installation Rebate. Use the generous government benefits and start cutting your electricity bills!

Catching The Winter Rains: Why You Should Install A Water Tank

As we come to the end of another wonderful Australian summer, are you prepared for winter? The colder months bring more rain and the end…