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Creating green cleaning products with an electrolysed water system

The electrolysed water system - the green way to clean? 

Australians are becoming so much more aware of viable alternatives to the products that poison our country. So, why do so few people know about using an electrolysed water system to create biodegradable cleaning and disinfecting products?  The green revolution is being led by the people. We’re demanding new regulations and legislation, and we’re voting with our wallets.   Yet while we’re focused on forcing the goliaths of industry to make continental shifts, there are small tangible wins that could be achieved right now. One the most obvious is the use of electrolysed water for biodegradable cleaning products.  

Sounds like science fiction, works like a dream 

Now, before we leap into the technology, you should know that Twin Electrics & Plumbing is invested in this technology. We already have partners and actively contribute by installing electrolysed water systems across Melbourne. But that’s not what this article is about.   This article is simply designed to explain what the technology does. Why? Well, to be honest it’s because we think these products are criminally underrated and much of that is due to a lack of information.  You know the old saying, ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’. Well, try this on for size: 

Combining water, electricity and salt creates solutions that will replace most of the poisons we use for disinfecting and cleaning. 

That statement is certainly enough to raise eyebrows or even make people back away like the classic Homer Simpson meme. But we’re a 30 year-old, trusted family business with a big brand to protect. We do our due diligence. When we say it’s true, it’s the real deal. This technology is now recognised by governing bodies, used by huge brands, and its applications even extend to the world’s current number one issue: Covid 19.  

Poisoning the well – how to stop now 

Twin Electric & Plumbing is always fascinated by new technology, especially when it can be applied in a way that offers clean and green alternatives. To be honest, like most Aussies, we tend to be a little fixated on the most obvious issues. Fossil fuel is one we’re always obsessed with. That’s why we’ve spent decades becoming solar power specialists. But what about the way modern society is literally trashing the planet?    We’re talking about the poisons we dump every day whether it’s into the soil or the water. Water electrolysis is the breakthrough that could put an end to many destructive poisons.   The obvious ones are the cleaning products we watch spiral down the kitchen sink and bathtub every day. Water electrolysis can replace them via an ingenious process that creates effective cleaning solutions. After more than ten years of determined campaigning, including the fight for accreditations and government recognition, eWater is finally being adopted by some of Australia’s most popular and recognised brands and organisations.  
How does an electrolysed water system work?

Bringing the fight back home – on-demand electrolysed water systems  

Now that it’s being used by brands like Google, the Commonwealth Bank, David Jones and ANZ, water electrolysis is gaining momentum as a viable alternative to some of the most poisonous substances that humans have ever produced. And best of all, eWater breaks back down to its primary components after use. Now the battle for greener disinfectants and cleaners relies on awareness.   It’s not just the fact that electrolysed water products have struggled to gain traction in a tough market with big competitors; it’s also the fact people don’t realise this technology is available for domestic use right now, either by buying the eWater products or with the simple installation of your own standalone system.    With the right gear, the right salt and a few testing kits, any family or business can make poisonous cleaning products a thing of the past. The standalone systems are small, wall-mounted, on-demand fixtures that ideally sit above your kitchen sink, ready to either deliver cleaning liquid directly to the sink or to spray bottles you can use around the house.   You may also be interested on: Troubleshooting the Water Heater: Why Is My Hot Water Not Working?

Big picture – because we love dolphins 

Who doesn’t love dolphins? The sea is heavily polluted with plastics. Nobody can argue that point. We’ve seen it with our own eyes. Now, many of us are looking for ways to eliminate plastics entirely.   Of course, it’s possible. The world didn’t always have plastic. But does the elimination of a plastic wrapper create a health issue?  Most people have imagined a return to cloth bags or more permanent containers for food transport and storage. Surely it must add some additional bacteria. Having a safe way to wash organic produce may be one of the keys in migrating to a new system, so we don’t harbour any lingering doubts about the cleanliness of the food we consume. With an electrolysed water system in the kitchen, the problem is solved.  

A must for the hospitality and medical industry 

 Let’s face it, if you run a restaurant, one mistake can cause major damage to your brand. These organisations cannot afford to experiment with hygiene, not even for the sake of the environment. Yet the hospitality industry is one of the most prominent early adopters of electrolysed water systems.   The same applies to the medical sector. That’s not only because electrolysed water system can match traditional disinfectants; it’s because they’re better.  
Twin Electrics & Plumbing will be among the loudest proponents of electrolysed water products. We’re excited about it, partly because it’s an emerging industry with disruptive technology, but mainly because it’s a tangible way Australians can make a change right now.   While we continue to chip away at solutions that can’t be completely implemented for years or decades, it feels good to say yes, we can improve the environment, and we can do it today.  

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