Electrician in Ashburton

Do you need electricians in Ashburton? At Twin Electrics and Plumbing its our mission to provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your electrics. Dealing with electricity is a very important task that must be undertaken by a professional. Don’t attempt  DIY!  You’re not only risking your life – but your family’s lives too. Electrical must, by law, be installed or repaired compliant with legislation. Your qualified and licensed electricians from Twin Electrics and Plumbing will protect you from harm – and possible litigation.

For the last 38 years we’ve been providing high quality electrical work to clients across Melbourne. With years of experience and knowledge we have the skills to complete every job at a high standard with safety always in mind. When it comes to electricity, safety is the most important priority! It should never be skimped on.

To find out how you can book our electricians at Ashburton, give us a call on (03) 9808 7555.

Electricians in Ashburton