Blocked Drains in Melbourne

Twin Electrics & Plumbing can help. Our Plumbers offer a professional and friendly service for people who have blocked drains in Melbourne's metropolitan areas. We have been successfully helping our Melbourne customers for almost 40 years with reliable electrical and plumbing services.

Identifying a Blocked Drain in Melbourne

There are a number of reasons why you suffer plumbing blockages. Hair, foreign objects or even pipe work damage are some of the most common problems. These can occur in your domestic pipe work, sewer or even storm drains. You may also experience reduced water pressure, strange odours and even basins or baths emptying slowly. These are the signs indicating you need a plumber to clear a blocked drain and so prevent further damage.

Fast and Effective Service

Need to quickly clear a blocked drain in Melbourne? Call Twin Electrics & Plumbing for safe and efficient service. Our team of highly qualified plumbers will expertly assess your problem, explain the cause and quickly clear your blocked drain.

Using cameras in the pipework enables us to make a complete accurate assessment of the blockage. By analysing the cause, our team can prepare the best solution using the correct choice of equipment to quickly remove the obstacle. We can also inspect for damaged pipes and existence of tree root problems in your pipe work.

The Best Technology

Using the latest technical equipment we'll have your problem sorted in no time - without fuss. When commercial chemicals aren't effective, we have our cable machine or pressure jet to combat the most stubborn pipe blockages. We guarantee to find the best solution for all of your pipe work problems.

Reliable, Friendly Service

You'll receive a 2 hour prompt response for emergencies from one of our friendly customer service team and qualified plumbers. On site, you'll receive a full assessment of the issue. And we will determine the most cost-effective solution for you. We're available 24/7 for all of your plumbing needs. That's why we are one of the most sought after plumbers in Melbourne.

Contact Twin Electrics & Plumbing on 03 9808 7555 for a professional, friendly and fast plumbing service in Melbourne.