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Overloaded Circuits: What do I do?

It’s just not worth the risk

Overloading your circuits can damage appliances, cause power outages or even a fire. Overloaded circuits are common problems, but the cause and solution aren’t always clear or easy.

NOTE: Electrical repair work is dangerous. You should always hire a qualified electrician to complete any electrical inspection and repair work. Trained electricians spend years learning and perfecting the trade so that they can achieve their work safely and to the highest standard. Twin Electrics & Plumbing have teams of Melbourne-based, fully qualified electricians to help you with any problems you encounter. 


Overloaded circuit

How To Spot An Overloaded Circuit

Often, the cause of an overloaded circuit is having too much plugged into an outlet. In a properly installed electrical system, if you exceed the limits of your circuit, a breaker will snap open and shut down the entire circuit. In older systems, a fuse may “blow” (burn out). As a result, you may lose power to some or all of your property, as well as incur possible damage to your electrical appliances.

A blowout essentially serves you with a warning that you have had an overload or some other issue. Rest assured, an overload in a properly installed electrical system won’t burn your house down. However, if you have frequent overloading issues, it could be a sign of a more significant problem in your property. A qualified electrician will be able to inspect and ensure all electrical equipment and appliances are safe and functioning correctly.

Warning Signs

The signs you should look out for:

  • Malfunctioning lights: flickering or dimmed bulbs
  • Frequently tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses
  • Wallplates being warm to the touch, or discoloured
  • Cracking, sizzling, or buzzing from outlets
  • Burning smell coming from outlets or wall switches
  • Mild shocking or tingle from appliances, outlets, or switches
  • Sparking from outlets or the electrical box

What Causes Circuit Overloads

The most common causes of an overloaded circuit are: 1. when there are too many appliances plugged into one point, or 2. You have devices connected that draw more amps than the circuits capacity.

How To Avoid Circuit Overload

Check the cords

Healthy electrical cords - overloaded circuit

Check the cords of any appliances. There should be an insulator on the outside and copper wire on the inside. Make sure there are no cracks in the insulation and that no wire is exposed. Also, arrange the cords so they will not become damaged while in use. For example, avoiding running them across the floor or ground, through doorways and over sharp edges. You could also use a cable stand to prop cords up over the ground.

Having Appropriate Outlets

Having Appropriate Outlets - overloaded circuit

Ensuring you have appropriate outlets in your property for the usage required will help you avoid overloading your circuits. You may need more outlets in places of high electricity demand. Areas, where you need numerous outlets, might be locations like the kitchen or home office. Ensure heavy load appliances such as refrigerators are using a designated wall outlet. Don’t ‘piggyback’ an outlet by using multiple adaptors/power boards. ‘Piggybacking’ is a surefire method for circuit overloading. Additionally, power-boards only add additional plug-in points; they do not change the amount of power supply at the outlet. Ensure heavy-duty equipment is installed where required, such places exposed to the elements.

Avoid Extension Cords and Power Boards/Adapters

Avoid Extension Cords and Power Boards/Adapters

Avoiding the use of extension cords can prevent overloads. Extension cords should only be used temporarily. If you rely on extension cords to power your appliances, consider having a qualified electrician install extra outlets. Especially avoid using extension cords to power high-demand appliances, such as refrigerators and space heaters.

What To Do After An Overload

Fixing your properties electrical system and wiring should only be done by a trained electrician. However, there are actions you can take in your home to troubleshoot the cause of an overloaded electrical box, as well as preventative measures you can put in place to avoid an overload.

To prevent overloading, even out the load between each circuit in your property. Evening the load ensures that one section isn’t working harder than another. If you are powering a large home or using high-demand appliances such as air-conditioning systems frequently, consider upgrading the electrical panel to suit your property better. A qualified electrician will be able to advise the best size electrical box for you.

If you have a specific circuit that keeps tripping, firstly you should switch off the power for that breaker and unplug all appliances in that area. With everything unplugged, you can switch that circuit breaker back into the ‘on’ position. Check the recommended amp level of the circuit breaker, and ensure you’re not running too many appliances. Alternatively, make sure that all appliances are running correctly, and there are no visible faults or damage that could be causing an overload. Remove any faulty appliances. If needed, contact a trained electrician to conduct a check and repair of any faulty appliances. If you are running a high demand on the wiring in a particular area of your property, plug in some of those extra appliances elsewhere in your home. 

Also if you want to know about Testing & Tagging to ensure safety of electrical appliances, check out this article.

We Can Remedy Overloads!

If you’re having overloading issues in your home, contact Twin Electrics & Plumbing for a thorough and long-term resolution. We will ensure circuits are evenly managed, ensure all appliances are in working order, and help upgrade the electrical system to serve your property better. You’ll have peace of mind knowing our insured and qualified electricians are on the job, making your properties electrical system safe and efficient.

Contact us on (03) 9808 7555 or via our online form to get a qualified electrician to solve all your electrical needs. Twin Electrics & Plumbing handle both domestic and commercial jobs, and with over 40 years experience you can be rest assured our work is of the highest standard every time.

Electrical Services DDIY – Don’t Do It Yourself

DIY electrical services: It’s not worth the risk.

Electrical repair work is dangerous. You should always hire a qualified electrician to complete any electrical inspection, installation and repair work. Technicians spend years learning and perfecting the trade so that they can keep themselves safe on the job. Twin Electrics & Plumbing have teams of fully qualified, Melbourne-based electricians to help you with any project or problem you encounter.

What are electrical risks?

When completing electrical services risks are aplenty, especially to the untrained eye. Some common hazards include:

Electrical Shocks - Electrical Risk

Electrical shocks

Electric shock is probably the most well known electrical risk. Electrical shocks can happen both directly and indirectly. These shocks can cause serious injury (such as contact burns or organ injury) or even death.

Electrical Fire - Electrical Risk

Electrical fires

Causes of electrical fires can be faulty wiring, malfunctioning components, and broken appliances.

Electrical Burn -  Electrical Risk


Explosions, arching and electrical fires can cause burns, leading to serious injury.

Toxic Gas -Electrical Risk

Toxic Gas

Burning or arcing associated with electrical faults can release gases and contaminants. These gases may be poisonous and can lead to illness or death.

Secondary Incidents

If you encounter an electrical risk due to faulty equipment or infrastructure, it can lead to other health-related incidents. These incidents could be: falls, muscle spasms, palpitations, nausea, vomiting, collapse and unconsciousness.

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Inadequate Electrical Services Cause Issues

Aside from safety risks, DIY electrical services can cause short-term and long-term issues for your property. Short-term, you are unlikely to get it right on your first attempt, which can cause your problem to become far more extensive and more complicated than it was at the outset. When it comes to selling your property down the track, DIY electrics can cause unnecessary obstacles. Even if you hide your DIY repairs behind walls, floors and roofs, a qualified electrician may inspect your property at sale time. Your DIY work will likely fail to satisfy the criteria to pass inspection. In the same token, DIY repairs to electric motors are highly susceptible to faults and failed inspections. These obstacles are entirely avoidable by using professional electrical services. Additionally, DIY electrical service can void your properties insurance policy, as unqualified or amateur workmanship nullifies your insurance agreement. 

Make sure your electrical provider counts with at least one of the following accreditations:

Energy Safe Victoria
National Electrical and Communications Association
Energy Safe Victoria
Professional Electricians = Better Electrical Repairs

Professional Electricians = Better Electrical Repairs

Commonly, when completing electrical services on their property, people focus on the immediate problem in front of them. Consequently, this oversight can mean that people miss the overarching issue causing their problems. Long-term, this may leave your home open to safety risks from inappropriate electrical services. Qualified electricians use their expertise to diagnose the underlying issues in your system to complete a more holistic repair. Professional electrical services will save you time and money while providing you with peace of mind that the problem has is fixed appropriately and safely.

A Licensed Electrician Ensures the Best Electrical Services

Licensed electricians have the best skills and training to handle electrical services. The average homeowner is not equipped to handle electrical repairs. Licensed electricians are, due to their years-long training. Furthermore, if a licensed electrician completes sub-par work, it can jeopardise their reputation and risk having their license revoked. No reliable and trustworthy electrician would risk this, meaning that you will have a carefully completed and high-quality service. Professional electrical services will save you money long term, ensuring there is a complete and correct job the first time.

While a DIY electrical service might seem like a good idea at first, you’re more than likely going to cause more damage long-term. Twin Electrics & Plumbing domestic and commercial electrical services done by qualified and fully insured electricians. Our services include lighting installation, air-conditioning services, solar panel system installation, electric motor services, electric hot water services, repair and maintenance services, emergency services and more. We cater to both domestic and commercial electrical needs.

With over 40 years of experience in the Melbourne area, you can be sure Twin Electrics & Plumbing will provide you with expertise and reliability every time. 

You can rest easy, leaving all the hard work in our tradespeople’s trusty and fully capable hands. Reach us via our online form or call us on (03) 9068 6429 for all your electrical maintenance needs!

Air-conditioning Service – Benefits for you!

Air-conditioning keeps your property cool, making it more pleasant. In the hot Australian summer, your air-conditioning system must be reliable so that you can stay cool. Twin Electrics & Plumbing offers Melbourne-based quality air-conditioning installation, maintenance and repair services. Routine service means that you can keep the cold air flowing as you need it.

Air-conditioning service

Air-conditioning Service Ensures Efficiency

Maintaining your air-conditioning means your system will operate efficiently. Under-serviced machines take too long to start cooling your home and you certainly need an effective cooling system to beat the hot Australian summer.

Efficient operations use less power, and less power is good for the environment and your pocket! A well-serviced air-conditioning system will cool your property quickly and effectively, with less power consumption!

Save money with Air-conditioning service

Routine Servicing Saves Money

A well-serviced air-conditioning unit saves you money. Small investments in routine maintenance will help keep your machine running smoothly all through summer. These investments prevent the need for expensive repairs, right when you need the system the most. Additionally, routine servicing will reduce your systems power consumption, resulting in a lower power bill. Plus, a cooler home climate in summer helps other household appliances run cooler, further saving you money. 

Keep your air quality clean

Air-conditioning Servicing Protects your Health

As you use your air-conditioning system over time, dirt and debris can collect inside. This dirt can be released into your home when the unit is in use, resulting in poor air quality. Therefore, it is vital that your system is clean and free of debris. Routine air-conditioning maintenance can help preserve your properties air quality by ensuring the system is clean and sterilised.

A cleaner system can be especially helpful for those who suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions. Aside from being cleaner, routinely serviced air-conditioning systems also run quieter, making your property a cool and calm space amid the crazy Australian summers.

Routine maintenance ensures system longevity

Regular air-conditioning maintenance will prevent your system from early ruin. Routine maintenance on your system gives you a reliable cooling system you can count on in summer, plus reliable systems have fewer breakdowns. Fewer breakdowns = less stress and less money spent on costly, preventable repairs. Gain long term savings by having your system routinely serviced; reducing bills, repair costs and prolonging the need to invest in a new system.

A routine air-conditioning service with Twin Electrics & Plumbing means your system will have all of its components and parts (such as coils, filters, electrical connectors, thermostat etc.) checked over for wear and tear. We will ensure the system is clean, free of debris, and operating correctly and at peak efficiency.

Regardless of whether it for domestic or commercial needs, the benefits of regular maintenance are the same. Routine, professional servicing ensures your air conditioning system operates suitably over its lifetime. Most importantly, you’ll have a more inviting home while saving money in the long term.

Twin Electrics & Plumbing have been keeping the people of Melbourne cool for over 30 years. We are happy to arrange your routine air-conditioning service, so call us on (03) 8372 0448 to discuss your air conditioning needs.

Solar System Service: do it before Summer!

Regular solar panel repair and maintenance is critical in ensuring that your solar panel system is operating efficiently and safely. Twin Electrics & Plumbing can maintain your solar panel system for you, so you can have peace of mind when it comes to your energy needs.

Maintenance Prevents Safety Issues

Solar panel repair
Just because the power is off, does not mean solar panels do not pose an electrocution risk

As with any appliance or installation, time and the elements can cause damage or detonation to your solar panel system. Debris can build up, moisture can seep in, animals can tamper with, and weather conditions can all contribute to the wearing of your system over time.

Deteriorated solar panel systems can endanger you and electrical workers, both within your premises and working on your local network. In addition, to wear and tear over time, dodgy installation can make your solar panel system a safety hazard.

If your system has been installed by a sub-par contractor, finding a reputable provider to conduct solar panel system repairs is critical to making your property safe again. Regular solar panel repair and maintenance can avoid nasty situations altogether and ensure the system is operating correctly and safe to use.

Maintenance Improves Efficiency

Solar panel repair

Just like any piece of machinery or equipment, solar panel systems need regular maintenance to ensure peak performance. High-quality core components can last several decades, but smaller parts may need changing out through the systems lifetime.

Routine solar system servicing ensures these components get changed out when necessary. Peak efficiency saves you money, helps reduce reliance on the electricity grid and minimises your properties impact on the environment

Environmental Factors

Solar energy helps reduce air pollution caused by fossil fuels

Solar panel systems lessen your properties impact on the environment by giving you access to clean, renewable energy. Solar energy helps reduce air pollution caused by fossil fuels. It conserves water consumption used by hydropower and helps protect aquatic ecosystems. Solar energy is free from the sun and helps fight climate change. By having a solar panel installation, you help positively contribute to a healthier Earth.

Regular Servicing Saves Money

Solar panel repairs save money on a long term

Say goodbye to electricity bill blow-outs! The better your solar panel system runs, the less energy you pull from the local grid. Reduced reliance on the local network means smaller electricity bills! Spending a small amount on solar panel system repairs and maintenance ensures your system is saving you money in the long term.

Plus with the Solar Panel Rebate program having a solar panel installation is cheaper than you think. Rebates of up to $1850 are available for both homeowners and rental properties. The Solar Panel Rebate program makes your installation affordable in the short-term, and a wise investment in the long-term.

Return on Investment

Having a solar panel system can be a significant investment. That’s why it is so vital to service your system regularly. Maintaining your system before summer can ensure performance is at its peak at the most critical time of the year. Solar energy can offset extra costs piling on to your bills, such as cooling over the long hot days. Peak performance over summer guarantees your getting the maximum return on your investment.

To estimate your potential benefits, review your bills and find out where solar energy can help you save! Whether it’s cooling your home or keeping the refrigerator chugging along in the heat, solar energy can offset the extra usage and save your electricity bills from skyrocketing.

By booking a repair and maintenance check on your solar panel installation, you’re safeguarding your investment. Frequent inspections will prevent difficulties with your solar panel system, fixing issues before they become serious problems. Plus the small investments into your systems will help you get a maximum return on your investment. So you can sit back, relax and save your money.

Twin Electrics & Plumbing will assist with all solar system service, repair and installation requirements. All solar panel services are carried out by our fully licensed, Melbourne based electricians.

Victorian Solar Installation Rebate 2020-21

From the 16th July 2020, the Victorian Government are offering new rebates for solar equipment installations.

Solar Installation Rebate


Eligible homeowners can receive a solar panel system installation rebate of up to $1850 for their home.

Eligible landlords can receive a rebate of up to $1,850 for the installation of solar panels (PV) on their rental property through the Solar for Rentals program.

Limited places are available so check eligibility and apply ASAP!

Solar Installation Rebate
The installation rebate provides up to $1,000 on solar hot water systems.


The Victorian Government offers a $1,000 rebate on solar hot water systems for eligible households. If you can’t have solar panels (or if you already have them) this is a great option for you.

Twin Electrics & Plumbing hold accreditation under the rebates Approved Installers conditions –
Solar PV installers are required to hold an unrestricted Class A Electrical Licence registered with Energy Safe Victoria and hold accreditation through the Clean Energy Council (CEC) Solar Accreditation Scheme.

We are happy to help you with questions you have about the right solar systems for your property.

Call Twin Electrics & Plumbing NOW on 03 9808 7555. Don’t forget to ask about our special pricing on both Solar Panel and Solar Hot Water systems!


Solar Panel Repairs

When it comes to your solar panel installation, repair or maintenance, Twin Electrics & Plumbing can do it all. If you’re in need of solar repairs or general maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


Emergency Electricians in the Eastern Suburbs

There isn’t a limit to the variety or scale of electrical emergencies. If you have an electrical emergency, contact Twin Electrics and Plumbing to have a qualified emergency electrician from the eastern suburbs on-site ASAP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll solve your electrical issues and make your home a safe haven once again

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Electrical emergencies often happen when you’re not expecting it. When you have an electrical emergency, you need someone close by to be on the scene ASAP. Having an emergency electrician in the eastern suburbs near you means you can have a qualified technician on site quickly to deal with any hazard or issue. Twin Electrics and Plumbing have emergency electricians available 24/7 to help resolve your electrical emergency.

Emergency electricians in the eastern suburbs - Electrical fires

Kinds of Electrical Emergencies:

Many electrical emergencies can put you in danger. These include:

Fallen Powerlines 

Storms and other wild weather are common causes of fallen powerlines. Fallen powerlines are extremely dangerous.

Power Outages

External issues such as storms, transformer failures and misuse by other users are common causes of power outages. If an outage occurs otherwise, it could be due to faulty and frayed wires within your electrical system.

Electrical Fires

Overloaded outlets can cause electrical fires. If you notice brown staining or burning around your outlets, it could be a sign of a serious problem and can lead to electrical fires in your home. Other causes of electrical fires could be keeping flammable materials near electrical light sources such as lightbulbs. 

Other electrical emergencies can occur due to misuse of or faulty electrical appliances, faulty wiring, water damage, overloaded outlets, faulty circuit breakers and more. Electrical emergencies in or around your home should be dealt with by a local emergency electrician.


Call (03) 9070 5309

What to do in an electrical emergency

Electrical issues are dangerous. If anyone is in immediate danger, call 000 immediately.

If you encounter an electrical emergency, there are steps you can take to keep yourself safe, while also resolving the issue at hand.

You should have a list of emergency contact numbers in your home. These numbers can include your local power provider, your trusted local electrician, as well as emergency services. Having these numbers handy means you can act on an issue as soon as it happens with no delay. 

You need to keep calm. Being calm will enable you to help those in danger, as well as answer any critical questions quickly and accurately.

You must keep a safe distance from all electrical hazards. Electricity is highly volatile and can kill. Only trained professionals must deal with electrical hazards.

  • If the hazard is fallen or damaged powerlines, stay at least 10 metres away.
  • If the hazard is in your home, move away from the hazard, such as in another room. Ensure other family members, such as children and pets, are kept away from the hazard.

Once you’ve established nobody is in danger, and you’re a safe distance from the hazard, contact an electrical professional. For infrastructure issues, such as fallen powerlines, contact the electrical power supply company, as well as the local police. For household electrical issues, contact a trusted local electrical contractor. Never do your own electrical work. 

Electrician Eastern Suburbs

Minimise the risks, get yourself an emergency electrician in eastern suburbs

You can minimise the risk of electrical hazards in your home. To reduce electrical risks, make sure you have regular maintenance on your appliances and household infrastructure. Ensure that you keep electrical installations clean and dry and that you keep track of your electricity consumption. Should you notice unexpected spikes in your usage, contact your electricity provider and local electrician to have them investigate. They will ensure your local infrastructure and home appliances are all working as usual. 

The number one priority in an electrical emergency is keeping yourself and your family safe, and eliminating the hazard to make your home safe again.

There isn’t a limit to the variety or scale of electrical emergencies. If you have an electrical emergency, contact Twin Electrics and Plumbing to have a qualified emergency electrician from the eastern suburbs on-site ASAP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They’ll solve your electrical issues and make your home a safe haven once again.

Energy Safe Victoria
National Electrical and Communications Association

In support of the development of the industry, and the advancement of professional standards, Twin Electrics & Plumbing is an active member of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), Master Plumbers Association and Energy Safe Victoria