Even after 40 years of operating as electricians in Melbourne, we’re still amazed by the number of clients who procrastinate when it comes to fixing electrical wiring and systems. To be fair, sometimes property owners can’t see the indicators. That’s why it’s time to list the top five warning signs of electrical problems. 

We understand there are a lot of DIY enthusiasts out there. Good on you. We understand when people have a passion for rolling up their sleeves, figuring out how devices work and fixing it themselves. There’s nothing more satisfying. But electricity? Let’s just say electrical energy is a harsh taskmaster, and we don’t want you to learn that lesson the hard way. Anything in this top five list is a red flag. If you see something disturbingly familiar, we suggest you pick up the phone and call a qualified emergency electrician

1. Electrical Sparks 

We’ve all seen a tiny spark while plugging in a device. It seems minor, but you know how fires are started, right? And if you use gas, the risks of fire increase. Sparks are seemingly minor issues that get put on the back burner until it’s too late. It’s better just to admit that you’re going to have to fix that problem at some stage, so it may as well be now (before the fire). 

The other dimension to sparks is the shock factor. That tiny spark seems trivial, but if you add one more element (e.g., water), you’re running the risk of electrocution. We often meet people who have allowed these minor shocks to become a part of their lives. We find that terrifying! Our advice is to stop using the outlet. At the first signs of electrical problems, call an electrician and remedy the underlying factors before the sparks and shocks lead to an emergency.

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2. If It Smells Like Smoke, Something’s Cooking

There are good cooking smells, but smoldering insulation isn’t one of them. You may not be able to see smoke, but that burning smell suggests something is simmering. The more it cooks, the more damage. The next stage in that process is fire. That’s why you need to act immediately. 


If you can isolate the smell to one outlet, stop using it and ensure the power to the outlet is stopped. Even the most adventurous home handyman shouldn’t attempt to fix this issue. It can be difficult to investigate, isolate and repair properly. The more experience your emergency electrician has, the more likely they’ll be able to get to the root of the problem and deliver a long-term solution. 

3. The Short-Circuit Breaker 

When it comes to planning the right electrical system for a property, few installations successfully predict the need for future capacity. Lives change, circuit breakers tend to stay the same. Imagine the number of new devices you’ve added to your home over the past five years. 

So, if you’re suddenly getting cold showers and mini blackouts, you know you have an issue. It could be the wiring, but it’s often due to an overloaded system. Either way, it’s time to call the pros. 

4. Strobing lights

If you find yourself with lighting that reminds you of being on the dancefloor of a nightclub, there’s a problem. This is by far the most ignored but obvious sign of serious electrical problems. It’s incredible how many people live with this issue. It becomes one of those unspoken agreements where everyone in the room pretends it didn’t happen.

Sometimes these issues can continue with little impact on lives. But putting your faith in luck is never a good strategy. Electricity is simply something that you can’t leave to chance because of the disastrous consequences. The best approach is to call an emergency electrician. Better to put your faith in a qualified electrician instead of rolling the dice. 

Electrical problems | Signs of electrical problems

Experiencing any signs of electrical problems? Don’t try to fix it yourself as you may get a power shock!

5. Shocked By The Power

Get a slight shock as you touch a doorknob, and it might be static electricity, but when an outlet or device zaps you, it’s a cause for concern. They’re called shocks for a reason. They can make your home life very uncomfortable. But the more serious underlying issue is the potential for ground issues, or a fault caused by damaged or poor wiring. 

Sadly, people tend to wait until the next stage before seeking an electrician, and the next stage is usually a severe shock. It’s better to use a bit of common sense. For instance, that wiring or ground problem isn’t going to get better on its own, is it? There’s no need to delay repairs when you’ve got a great choice of qualified electricians in Melbourne. 

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Electrical Faults + Procrastination = Risk

Nobody loves dealing with the interruption or cost of electrical repairs. We understand. But the repairs are required. The question is, will it be a minor cost and disruption or a significant project further down the line? For economical and safety reasons, it’s better to rip the Band-Aid off quickly. 

We’ve got 30 vans on the road in Melbourne, so when you need an emergency electrician, we’ll get the right technician to your door fast. Every one of our experts is a dedicated team member, so you know you’ll get the most professional and courteous electricians available. Stop the zaps, odors, mini blackouts and strobing lights. Get your home back to complete working order with a visit from Twin Electrics and Plumbing

*If you’re experiencing an electrical incident with fire, make sure you report it to Energy Safe Victoria authorities. 

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