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How To Know If It Is Time For A New Water Heater

Water heaters are one of those appliances that you rarely give any consideration to until they break down. They can often fail completely with little warning. This  leaves you with the task of arranging an expert to service the unit, or purchasing a new model.  Determining which alternative is best for you can be daunting.

Twin Electrics & Plumbing has created a ‘how-to’ guide that will help you decide when its time to get a new water heater.

Hot Water from the Tap has an Odd Colour to It

Over time, water heaters that are in need of replacement will start to change the colour of your water.

Hot water should always be crystal clear. If you turn on the hot tap and notice the colour of the water is a murky-brown or rust-red colour, it may be an indication that its time to replace your water heater.

Water is Not Hot or Doesn’t Reach the Desired Temperature

Water heaters are designed to provide you with quick, easy access to hot water. Unfortunately, as these appliances age, they stop working properly.

When you turn the tap on to get hot water, if you notice that the water doesn't feel as hot as it should or isn't heated at all; it’s a good sign that you are in immediate need of a new water heater.

Unexplained Puddles of Water Appear Around the Water Heater

Puddles of water appearing underneath or near your water heater are never a good sign. If there’s no logical explanation for why the puddles appeared, such as a leak in the sink nearby or a washing machine that overflowed, there is a good chance that your water heater has  leaks.

Leaky water heaters may be able to be repaired by an experienced plumber, but that might not be the best, most affordable option depending upon how long you have owned the water heater. It may be more cost effective to completely replace an old water heater.

Loud Popping or Cracking Sounds can be heard from the Water Heater

It is natural for water heaters to make some noise, especially if they are heating up large amounts of water. It is not normal for them to make extremely loud popping or cracking sounds.

Popping and cracking sounds coming from a water heater could indicate that there is mineral build up around the heating coils. It could also indicate a potential problem with the heating elements in the water heater.

An experienced plumber can help you determine what is causing the noise and whether your water heater needs to be repaired, in the case of mineral build up, or replaced, if the heating elements are failing.

If you live in the Melbourne metropolitan  area and are in need of help with your water heater, call Twin Electrics & Plumbing. We will send an experienced plumber to your home. He will inspect and assess your water heater or carry out a hot water repairs in Melbourne. Once the inspection is complete, we will provide you with recommendations on whether to replace or repair the water heater depending upon our findings.

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