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CO Testing and General Maintenance for Your Gas Heating System

Don't let the excitement of the arrival of winter make you forget to do one very important thing – have a professional come and conduct CO testing and general maintenance on your gas heating system.

Gas Heating System

Regular CO testing performed by a professional heating and plumbing technician can save lives. We will take a closer look at exactly how CO testing saves lives, why it is important, what occurs during testing, and how a professional plumber or electrician can help maintain your gas heating system.

The Importance of Regular CO Testing

A gas heating system that is operating properly will completely burn off all the gas that is needed to heat your home. Unfortunately, over time the gas heating system can encounter problems that will prevent the complete burn off of the gas. This is when you have a problem - a very serious and potentially deadly problem.

When the gas is not completely burned off, it turns into a deadly gas. If this deadly gas leaks into the home and comes into contact with anyone for a prolonged period of time, it could cause severe illness or even death.

Carbon monoxide, or CO as it is called, is completely odourless. It could be leaking into your home and you may not even know it. Regular CO testing performed by an electrician or plumber can help you determine if this gas is present in your home. This type of testing can even help determine if a problem exists, such as a blocked vent or an improper heating element, which may potentially cause carbon monoxide to develop in the future.

What Occurs During CO Testing?

The goal of CO testing is to determine if this potentially deadly gas is present. A plumber or electrician will use high-tech, specialised equipment to determine if carbon monoxide is leaking into your home.

Most companies, in addition to performing a CO test, will also conduct routine maintenance to your gas heating system. Routine maintenance includes looking at the vents, checking for leaks in the vents, cleaning the vents, and making sure the heating system is programmed for optimal heating so the gas burns off properly.

How Twin Electrics & Plumbing Can Help

Twin Electrics & Plumbing provides homeowners throughout the Melbourne area with access to CO testing for gas heating systems. Our technicians are trained to test gas-heating systems from major manufacturers. In addition to testing your gas heating system, our technicians can provide maintenance and repair services that will keep your systems operating properly.

CO testing and basic maintenance should be conducted on a yearly basis. It takes just a matter of minutes and will provide you with peace of mind. Contact Twin Electrics & Plumbing today to learn more about our CO testing services, gas heating system maintenance services, or any of our other commercial electrical or commercial plumbing services.